Susanoo's Tourism Agency

jase2224 320

Changed up the Grail ICE suite to be closer to the SpagInFusion deck, but otherwise some tweaks based on my personal style and testing. Went undefeated the first three rounds. Then against Sanjay all 9 agendas decided to come into HQ within the first 3 turns, but that gave him enough time to set up and get early accesses. Even though he did a 9 dig turning wheel run on R&D, he only got 1 access because the rest had been drawn and JH decided not to come save me until it was too late. Last round against Gabe with Sneakdoor and again another flood of agendas and lack of econ to get more than one FC3 rezzed. Great deck, just watch out for agenda floods that ruin any plans you might make.