Pat Mahomes

sealgo 35

P(awnshop) (L)at (is) Ma home

Srsly, this deck feels good to play because it's a reasonable amount of jank paired with a control style of play and lots of fun lines to explore. Also, you feel slightly behind in the opening sometimes, but once a few engine parts are assembled, you just steamroll the defense with easy passes (runs?)

Other than what the original author wrote, I only have to add

  • Triggering Q-Loop with LilyPAD will get rid of both cards on top of your stack
  • If you're (slightly) behind, triggering Q-Loop blindly is a 1cred cheap way to try and catch up

Deckbuilding changes to the original

-1 Daily Casts, -3 Sure Gamble, +1 Rejig. Rejig is better than sure gamble in this deck IMO, and you don't need 5-6 of them. Also daily casts drip econ is nice, but we get 3 from aesops every turn, while it's not Q-Loopable. Final Q-Loopability of the deck is 2/3 (further improving blind Q-Looping).