RWR Day 1 Pawnshop Lat

CelestialSpark 228

Holy moly, it's fun to have Shaper kickflips that aren't based around Trojans again. Once fully set up, when Q-loop hits a program, it installs it for free, draws you a card, and charges Twinning. Then you do it again on the corp's turn. If you get Lat as well, you're drawing 5 cards clicklessly for each of your turns (since Q-loop pulls off the top of your deck) and making mad cash.

Muse is a versatile workhorse that is usually Simulchip 4-6, except you don't want to fetch permanent pieces of your engine this way (breakers/turbine/mantle) if you can avoid it, since you lose 1 extra MU and the ability to sell it for 3 credits. It's great to grab an SMC from your deck at any point before you have your core pieces, to recur Coalescence or SMC, or as a way to install a card from hand at instant speed in a moment of immediate need. Rejig serves a similar role, usually itself targeting Muse or Coalescence as an early econ card, but it can't be hit by Q-loop and thus is worse later in the game.

My experience is that the early game, before you trigger your first Environmental Testing, tends to be rough, and you're pretty slow until you have Q-Loop or LilyPAD going, and really fast once you have both. You could tweak the event package to try to smooth this out (0 Creative Commission is probably wrong), but events and resources are painfully slow later in the game when they block your Q-loop, so there is a balance to be found.

This is a very intense deck to play, because you absolutely need to milk value out of your "first time each turn" triggers to the fullest extent possible. Muse into SMC gets DZMZ value and eventually sells to Pawnshop for more profit, but raw SMC install needs less MU; getting your breaker this turn lets you run earlier, but popping SMC on the corp's turn gives you that extra LilyPAD/DZMZ value; tracking the top of your deck when you have LilyPAD and Lat going off (and every stack search means a shuffle) is still more mental overhead. When playing your deck is this hard, playing it in the right way against the corp is brain-melting. But "crazy engine go brrr" is just a joy to pilot.