Capoeira Leela - 5th place @ Seattle SC

Runaway 174

This is sort of a personal take on the Engolo Leela deck. I had tried messing around with @tanderson's BLM Stealth Leela and @formerteen's Punished Leela and decided that trying to shoehorn the stealth package in made the deck too fiddly for my liking.

I'd always been a fan of the Comrades' KoS Maw/Gang Sign Leela - especially the Peace in our Time / Tapwrm / Sacrificial Construct combination. While PAD Tap isn't anywhere near a replacement for SacCon, it does help amplify Leela's ability to waste corp clicks.

There were some meta calls here - I slotted Miss Bones expecting a lot of asset spam, and didn't face any, but it was still probably a good call. I was also terrified of the Jinteki asset spam decks and slotted a Buffer Drive to help out in that matchup - but I only faced Sportsmetal and Argus.

  • Round 1 lost to @Colin2x3zb9cy's Argus. He left R+D open and I lost my in-hand Engolo to a Snare. I was able to pull it back later with that Buffer Drive, but I think it was too late. He had over-advanced an Atlas and got me to float a tag at one point. I think he scored out later using the Atlas token but my notes of this game are a jumble... playing against Colin is always unsettling and I was happy to get a Corp split for the matchup.

  • Round 2 lost to @anarchomushroom's CTZ Morph Sportsmetal. I got loads of money but couldn’t get a breaker to contest anything until way too late in the game.

  • Round 3 won against @steve_rhino's Argus. It was a 6-6 game but Engolo and Turning Wheel got me R+D lock and a dig for the win.

  • Round 4 won against @plural's CTZ Morph Sportsmetal. I stole a Vitruvius early, then a Vacheron. Then midgame I pulled a Merger off R+D and was able to trash enough assets to wait out the Vacheron counters for the win.

I don't know if it would be worth dropping a Paragon or Class Act for another Special Order - not getting the Engolo early seems to be really crippling, but I understand that's why the deck has all these filtering cards. I do appreciate @qvm's take of just putting in Diesel, too.

Thanks to CryptoGraham and PureFlight for TO / streaming / commentary, and to all my opponents for good games!