Killing me softly (a paintbrush & a dagger) 1 year later.

AkAnderson 484

Look to the original write up (a year ago) to see how this deck plays. This is pretty much just updated with new stuff after someone commented on it, it got me thinking. I don't think this is anywhere near top tier but it would be interesting to try out again. I put very little time and thought in this (about ten minutes) but this might be something to try once we get a little downtime after Store Championships. Some quick notes on the changes- I still think Switchblade on Dino is awesome, but not as crucial as it was when it was Dagger. That's why it's cut down to 1. If you see the Blade first, run it out and Scavenge it later. Forked just seem to fit, letting you in theory kill 5 pieces of ice. Atman is still good to plop at 4. Tear this deck apart and let me know what you think.

12 Mar 2015 Heartthrob

I've been thinking of moving this idea over to Quetzal. Paintbrush Quetzal seems like it might have legs with some Knifed? If you try Paintbrush anarch you can also go TagMe and use Amp'up, Josh B, etc for extra clicks when you need them. Probably useless theory crafting...but seems like there's something there.

13 Mar 2015 konradh

Thanks for your time spent thinking on this.

Im not totally sold on Switchblade. You can easily get locked out if the stealth credits cards are not aligned (it cost two creds to break Swordsman to not get Atman trashed, what if you already used two on the first piece of ice this run for example). Dagger is kinda more expensive, but more flexible in the early game.

Amped up could be a way, but if we want to stay Shaper, maybe [All-nighter] (/en/card/02067) could help for that one crucial run late game. RP with Enhanced Login Protocol shuts down this decks like this from remotes.

To my great sadness because I love the concept. Curse you Living Card Game!