Stronger Together Fast Advance

Nagnazul 157

Stack Bioroids on centrals while distracting the Runner with taxing assets to establish an economic lead, which turns into Agenda points using SanSan City Grid.

13 Dec 2014 hypno_beam

Is there a reason that Biotic Labor isn't in here? In faction, and even including 1 to replace a Blue Level Clearance might be nice. How's it been playing for you?

19 Dec 2014 romanoSoprano

Biotic kinda always taxes you, never the runner. SanSan achieves more or less the same in terms of FA, but also requires the runner to pay a hefty tax, which is in line with this deck's overall strategy. Plus, if the runner is caught off guard (= financially ruined) you might push through multiple agendas through 1 SanSan City Grid

19 Dec 2014 romanoSoprano

It's also more or less explained in the article: