Runic stun - Tampere casual tournament.

aksu 141

My attempt to take the win from Tampere local players back to helsinki for the third time. Almost got thre but got second by two points (tecnically tied second place but we rolled a dice and I got the higher spot on abr so I'll take it).

The list is a evolution from my last AMT list. Main idea was to cut one turbine so my matchups into fast decks are better.

On the day tough I got close against both core dmg PD where I beeffed with not clearing spins and against oufit where I could not contest the remote quickly enough and they got atlas with 2 counters (almost a instant gg), Two games against PE ended quickly. In the first one stole a obo and died to a really suprising punitive line that came from left field and in the other one managed to keep the corp poor and found agendas quickly enough.

Going into 3x paperclip might not be too bad against the fast decks in the meta. Gotta think aobout it. Otherwice happy with this deck. Gotta just learn to play better :(