Tech hate

Vocke 184

22 Jan 2017 Vocke

Just build flat server,

1 piece of ice each, though centrals can be a bit piled up, as well as the scoring server. When you have one Aryabatha Tech installed fire your Door to Door and use the recurring credits to slowly drain out runners money.

In general be patient, it's better to have 3 rezzeble ices in starting hand, than a hedge fund because of Tem├╝jin. Use Subliminal Messaging to provoke runs, in which they mostly get a tag, or lose a click. Really look at the rez costs of the ices, still all have powerful effects combined with aryabatha tech. Punish the runs with Hard-Hitting News. Now the Runner should be at the bottom of his credit pool, when using all the money to remove tags. If you get your second Aryabatha Tech out, you will have a nice lockdown while you slowly climbing up the money ladder.


Faust. although IP Block gives a tag the Runner still can draw a full hand to just get into your scoring server. (Wraparound could be an include) to trash also Door to Door.

Power Tap. Your lockdown will not work. Hope that the runner gets a tag and trash them!

Link. The game will be harder for you, but it is not impossbile to win.