Making shocking News (4th Store Championship)

Vocke 183

Quickly drain out Runner's credit pool having one Aryabatha tech rezzed behind preferably two pieces of vicious tracer ice.

Don't let the runner get away with money, so if you suspect a Timüjin top priority is to protect all servers. Get Door to Door out quickly, if you feel confident with your credit pool to rez ICE on central servers. Look at runners face, if you only have 3 credits left and rez Makrophage with Aryabatha rezzed and recover with 3 to 4 credits (depending on runners link). Don't hesitate to use your recurring credits to pump up Door to Doors strength. I made good experience with taking 4 recurring credits to leave Runner with a tag. It's a whole lot of fun to play, but stay cautious, and score when you are sure.

Went quite well though in Cut up i made some misstakes and was rather unlucky, because I only had one Resistor in front of HQ while Andromeda had Paperclip installed and I was a bit flooded with agendas.

I would change one (or even two) Friends, (one Resistor) for one Beanstalk (and one Viper), but that's also because I did not encounter ICE destruction.

21 Feb 2017 Phoenix

Paying three influence the Consulting Visit feels wrong, when you could just drop the Subliminal messaging and, say, one Hard Hitting News (?) for 3 Beanstalks, improving your money situation a bit. Maybe even 2 Beanstalk and a Crisium Grid?

22 Feb 2017 Vocke

Thank you for your thoughts.

I thought Subliminal Messaging would give a more constant and consistent economy aid and/or provokes bad decissions from the Runner, but I'll give Beanstalk a shot. Crisium could also fit in well. I would keep on playing three Hard Hitting News because with with Making News and Primary Transmission Dish it plays nicely.