Double Edged (D&D Cybernetics)

LynxMegaCorp 1336

Manhunt is standing in for Media Blitz (2 cost Operation - Current. It gains the text of an agenda in the Runner's score area.)

Each agenda can be targeted by MedBlitz, and they all serve a purpose. Having 4 clicks to spend is always great as Corp (and enables out-of-hand scores of Brainchips if Clot isn't a problem. If it is, a single Cyberdex Virus Suite can be added). -1 hand size has is perks (makes Snare! and CO worrisome.) Lastly, SDP might not seem reliable, but it'll force them to respect the threat of CO. Can be substituted for NAPD or Hades Shard even.

The rest of the deck includes some money and standard tax ice. This is an early concept draft. There are a few other choices coming from SanSan.

Originally had 3x MB, but 3 Jacksons are too good to pass up. Extra Snare!s, trashed CO, etc.

4 Aug 2015 beladee

Oh man. That Media Blitz plus Mandatory Upgrades is a sweet combo! Since you already have Cerebral Overwriter slotted, you may find Mushin No Shin to fit in well, since Mushin will let you score out a Mandatory in 2 turns, bluffing the trap. If it's stolen, Media Blitz lets you benefit anyway.

4 Aug 2015 LynxMegaCorp

I originally considered Mushin, but the threat of Snare! in this deck is so damn good. What to do? With a MB on MU, I can triple advance my own MU (with CO threats). Yeah, it is a costly investment, but Snare! has the side effect of making centrals less appealing. Again, what to do?