Asset: Ambush • Rez: 0 • Trash: 0 • Influence: 2

Cerebral Overwriter can be advanced.

If you pay 3credit when the Runner accesses Cerebral Overwriter, do 1 brain damage for each advancement token on Cerebral Overwriter.

Haas-Bioroid • Ed Mattinian • Creation and Control 9
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Cerebral Overwriter
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Very similar to Jinteki's Project Junebug in terms of installation Edge of World in terms of payload.


Trick of Light: As a part of a fast advance strategy if the runner isn't biting this combo will allow those advancement tokens to be moved to an agenda, perhaps even opening a scoring window to score 3/2 agendas such as Project Vitruvius or Accelerated Beta Test out of hand in one turn.

Shipment from Kaguya & Shipment from SanSan could be used to advance Cerebral Overwriter to save s

With enough brain damage flat-line strategies that use cards such as Scorched Earth become more viable.

Jump start Cerebral Overwriter by installing in combo with Mushin No Shin perhaps install with some protective ice to make it suspiciously look like an agenda about to be scored, if the runner bites, corp gets to smile.

Recur Cerebral Overwriter with cards like Archived Memories, Architect an overscored Project Vitruvius etc to give this card even more action.


Free to rez like other traps

Can open up a flat-line win opportunity

Can tax the runner by enticing him to run on a fools errand


Corp will need to hold 3 in reserve in case the runner takes the bait in order for it to have any teeth

Must be both installed & advanced to have any potency, does no harm to runner if accesses while in R&D, HQ or archives

0 cost means it'll only surprise the runner once.


There is nothing new or novel about this card that we haven't seen in other cards. It continues to go along with HB's preference towards brain damage and so it is at home in many HB, Jinteki & even some Weyland decks (sorry NBN this card probably isn't really going to be your thing.) Maybe a bit expensive at two influence points which is why it is often looked over in favor of Aggressive Secretary which for the same costs could wipe out an entire rig for the runner which is often a more sure-fire strategy for discouraging the runner than a little brain damage.

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(Data and Destiny era)
This is a good review, but I think it's worth mentioning the synergy with [Mushin No Shin](/en/card/05015), since it is a very popular combo in Cybernetics Division. —
Interns, Architect, Archived Memories, over-scored Project Vitruvius all mean you can surprise the runner with it more than once. —
Not sure why "Free to rez" is a pro... unless you are purposely using it as a deterrent in conjunction with "upgraded" World's Plaza [spoiled card, can't remember name]. —
Xanatos Gambit decks use it as protection for Shell Corporation. If you suspect or have seen Drive-By, rezzing it will keep the Shell Corporation secure. —
Thanks bubbathegoat and GrantZilla1979, I've updated the review to include your recommendations. —