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16 Sep 2015

Nice article. Can't wait to try this out next tournament

20 Sep 2015 ANRguybrush

incredibly powerful.

Power plays: Purge for free with cyberdex on Breaker Bay.

Next turn, score something and recur your cyberdex.

Another one: Ditch heimdall 2.0 early and score prireq. Install Heimdall as the third ice on your remote, gain a credit and rez it with PriReq.

Or just turn ABT into practically street peddler.

21 Sep 2015 lolpaca

This is beautiful. Pure HB power. Look forward to trying it!

30 Sep 2015 argaille

Why not 2 SanSan City Grid dropping Caprice Nisei and one Tollbooth?

5 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

Its not a dedicated FA deck, its a rush/light glacier deck. Caprice and heavy ice do way more work than FA could ever do.

6 Oct 2015 gumed85

This is fantastic! I am the biggest HB1 fan, and Team Sponsorship is pure love. One thought though: Is Crick really necessary? Why not replace it with a single SanSan City Grid, which can add to your arsenal of crazy things you can do with Team Sponsorship?

6 Oct 2015 chill84


30 Oct 2015 mmychal

So ... how would you fit in Global Food Initiative now? It seems like it would be insane in this deck. Maybe pull one of the 2 Tollbooths?

30 Oct 2015 chill84

@mmychal see stimhack forum thread linked above.