Drip Coffee in the Morning

johncraven 311

The goal of this deck is to set-up your drip econ as fast as possible. By the end of turn 3, you should be generating at least 4-5 credits a turn.

To accomplish this, we need drip econ that is easy to setup. Data folding, daily cast, and UWC are obvious candidates due to Sunny's ability. Add Compromised employee, which gives you fake link (which is all you need for Security Nexus), and drip that's fairly easy to get with Jak or just normal running. Ditto for Security testing.

Symmetric visage can also be considered drip because you'll be drawing a lot in the early turns.

The tutor of choice is Test run because it can fetch Medium (unlike Special Order), does not take MU (unlike SMC), combos well with Femme to shore up the early game, and leverages PPVP. It also provides a weak form of recursion, which you may need because you overdraw a lot in the early game to find your drip cards. That way you're not afraid of discarding programs.

PPVP is the least reliable of our drip cards, but it's still decent. It has the advantage of not being a resource card, so you're not completely boned by tags.

Your late game setup uses multithreader, datasucker and cyberfeeder to fuel your breakers. Note I opt for a cyberfeeder instead of a second multithreader so that no additional memory is needed other than Security Nexus to proc Data folding (assuming Femme is not installed).

Femme is great card to curb early game rush with test run. It's also easily boostable by Security Chip and Datasucker. Late game, it's not as useful but it could allow you to bypass any two ice server with Sec. Nexus.

I did not include Power tap in this deck because it's a hard drip card to setup, requiring you to have Sec. Nexus in play, and 5 links. The only reliable way to do that is to play 3 rabbit holes, but I didn't want to spare the influence or the deck slots, as I believe the fake link provided by Comp. Employee is all you need. This may change if the meta shifts to more trace-heavy ices such that power tap can function without support and links are actually useful to combat ices.

I don't claim this deck to be amazing, and frankly, you might be better off playing Prepaid Kate. But that's the best idea I've had so far for a Sunny deck.

21 Sep 2015 Marimbist11

Thoughts on the lack of Career Fair? Seems like a no brainer for setting up those resources.

21 Sep 2015 johncraven

@Marimbist11 it's good, no doubt. I needed influence for lucky find. It can sometimes be awkward to use if you don't find the resource. But I've played with it before too.