Career Fair

Career Fair 0[credit]

Influence: 1

Install 1 resource from your grip, paying 3[credit] less.

"You can help Jinteki shape the future. Your future."
Illustrated by Dmitry Prosvirnin
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Breaker Bay (bb)

#23 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Here is a list of resources with cost 3 or greater.

I don't do reviews of cards that I haven't played with, but here are some initial comments: With Daily Casts and Earthrise Hotel being popular, this card is a nice boost. Key resources, like Professional Contacts or Xanadu, need to hit the table when they're drawn, making decks looking to capitalize on Career fair need to play resources that don't need to hit the table right away. Rachel Beckman could fit in nicely there.

At the date of writing this, Criminals are the least suited to a strategy reliant on high-cost resources: there are only 3 cards on the list, and all of those cost 3. This card promises a wider variety of resources in Criminal hands, hopefully in this cycle. Strangely, I expected this type of card to include hardware after seeing The Supplier.

I doubt I'll come back to post a long-form review of this card; the economics of Modded are well explored.

(Breaker Bay era)
Worth pointing out how this lets you suprise people with Hades Shard again. —
The comment about Criminals beign ill-suited to a high-cost resource strategy is doubley true when you consider how often Criminals find themselves dealing with self-inflicted tags. —
This card's 1 influence is a serious tell to players. FFG are effectively saying: this is strong out of faction but we want you to use it. —
There are enough tag avoidance cards in Criminal to start seriously looking at a "never tagged" strategy. The main problem with it so far is the lack of in-faction ways to slow rushing corps down besides Account Siphon. I tend not to analyse cards ITO out-of-faction tools--if you try to import everything, then you're fighting your own ID. —

A classic card for Criminal and any other factions planning to use ressources. On face value, it seems to be worth 1 less than Sure Gamble. But that is not the case.

Let me explain : if you want to use the credits to install a ressource, with Sure Gamble you'll need to play it first, costing you 1. And then play the ressource (costing you 1). All this would have cost you 2, gained 4 and spent XX amount of credits on the ressource.

If you use Career Fair, you would play Career Fair (costing you 1) and this would install the ressource, saving 1 compared to the scenario of using Sure Gamble. On the basis that 1 = 1 (a click is worth slightly more in fact), you get the same value as Sure Gamble.

Not only that, but since it cost 0, you can play it even if you have very few (even none) credits in hand, compared to Sure Gamble which need you to have 5 in hand.

The most efficient use is when you want to install ressources that have a cost of 3 and more. But for tempo value, you can use it even on a 2 ressource, depending on the situation, to get to use that ressource immediately (like running an unrez ice with a newly installed Hernando Cortez).

In my opinion, if you can consider slotting this card if you have at least 6 ressources cards in your deck. The more ressource cards you have, the easier it is to use. Because, contrary to Sure Gamble, it has no value if you do not have any ressource in hand to play.

The other comparable card is of course, Modded. But there are more ressources to play that have a cost of 3 and more. The most common ressource cards used with Career Fair are probably : Earthrise Hotel, Daily Casts, The Class Act, DreamNet, Xanadu and Liberated Account.

Evocative art and quote. I would have prefered something that evoke more a criminal aspect. This feel like a corp card. Still, a good card that has been around for a long time.

(System Update 2021 era)

I've tested this card in a bunch of decks and it perform great. Can be a perfect match with Comet to play resources in a cheap way or simply lowering the cost of some card. For 1 influence can be played everywhere, I like it a lot.

(Breaker Bay era)
I think this card is huge for Andy, not that she needed help. It lets you set up a piece of drip econ or The Supplier or whatever else you need on your first turn, removing 2 cards from your hand for a single click. If you also have Comet in hand, you can set up pretty scary fast and still have the creds to start running. —