Praise the Sun! 2.0

CodeMarvelous 20002

So this is the second version of the deck I have been testing for Sunny. I realized that Medium is a much better RD dig option for her she consistently runs once a turn building up steady purge pressure that buys more set up time.


Employee Strike is a comically good card that I will be splashing in many factions. It slows down the corps and helps deal with her longer set up time and larger deck size.

Career fair helps set up the underworld contacts and the data folding which are the core of the econ engine.

Modded is there to help deal with the breaker installs and her oh so amazing but oh so expensive console.

Special order is to make the two of breakers manageable in a 50 card deck.

Dyson mem chips, Security nexus are to make security chips insane, a potential +6 strength boost to all breakers to help you get into that remote and make those big digs.

Jak Sinclair is an MVP. an extra imaginary click at the start of the turn to check archives/trash an asset with no ice. Farm some data suckers, OR ice depending, run rd to get medium counters using her console.

Datasucker and Multithreader are to make her breakers sing and give you the efficiency to constantly be gaining money with her drip econ. Frequently using these tools with her breakers I end up spending 1-3 credits on my first RD run.

All in all I love this deck and want to see more tests with it so I can really tighten it up.

16 Sep 2015 Alteris

I love this decks so much..... It's so pretty..... I want data and destiny yesterday...

17 Sep 2015 greylin

I've loved Sunny's ID since it was first spoiled. Played a few different styles so far but I haven't been able to get her to apply pressure fast enough to beat quicker opponents. Have you noticed this at all in your testing? Any particularly bad matchups? Any advice for piloting or mulligans? Cards you'd give an honorable mention on the list? Thanks a lot for the list! Looking forward to trying another Sunny build.

17 Sep 2015 CodeMarvelous

Mulligan for earthrise and hopefully at least one of your breakers. Run at least once a turn like kit. make sure to drop drip econ as soon as you can after finding it

19 Sep 2015 skewie

Doesn't the "cannot use programs" part of Jak Sinclair stop you from getting datasucker counters/getting medium counters/getting additional medium accesses?

19 Sep 2015 Treiclon

@skewie You're correct. From Wendigo interactions we can tell what "cannot use programs" means:

19 Sep 2015 naumsNquiters

\ [T]/ jolly cooperation \ [T]/

19 Sep 2015 CodeMarvelous

cut jak then

19 Sep 2015 Alteris

jack is still useful, especially in server hell decks, especially the nbn. Getting the free run on the remotes means you can mill thru more. Also allows you to deal with that pesky RP decks. Even if archives is empty, you can run there, not lose a click(or 2) and have 4 clicks while bypassing their ID. Works even if you bounce off of a piece of ice.

20 Sep 2015 gr1ff1n2358

@Treiclon From the ANCUR ruling "using" is defined as resolving an optional ability (i.e. one that has the words "may" or "allow"). However "required conditional abilities" which are forced to be triggered are not used. It would seem that making a run with Jak Sinclair on R&D with a Medium installed would let you gain a counter if the run was successful, but not allow you to make any additional accesses.

20 Sep 2015 SneakdoorMelb

Looks interesting! Are the Moddeds worth it? I'd be tempted to drop them for Parasites, maybe Clone Chips.

20 Sep 2015 CodeMarvelous

The modded is really handy at speeding up the deck but parasites could also be good

21 Sep 2015 wipqozn

Jak definitely activates Medium + datasucker tokens, for the reason @gr1ff1n2358 pointed out. Lukas ruling which states he works with Au Revour:

22 Sep 2015 ryathal

Why add the Access to Globalsec? An Overmind would help with missing an icebreaker and capitalize on all the free memory potential, or Wireless Net Pavilion to protect your resources if you get tagged. If you're brave John Masanori could be an interesting add and would help with card draw if Earthrise fails.

22 Sep 2015 EnderA

May I suggest replacing a Medium with a Self-modifying Code? I'm guessing you don't intend to have two out at the same time, but that is a possibility. It takes the same influence and can find Medium OR a breaker OR Datasucker OR Multithreader.

Otherwise it looks tight.

22 Sep 2015 mharris717

Is Special Order over Self-modifying Code mostly to save a couple influence?

22 Sep 2015 Vanadium

Do you really find that 3x Earthrise Hotel is enough draw power in a 50 card deck? Seems like the variance would be way too high...

22 Sep 2015 CodeMarvelous

I fixed some of the draw issues here by putting in symetrical visage and drug dealer

22 Sep 2015 Kronosdev

Your deck seems susceptible to Marcus Batty. At 50 cards with only 2 of breakers and no recursion you could need to draw for 3 or four straight turns to get the breaker you need if you lose one to a program trash. An extra AI breaker like Crypsis or Overmind might help fill in the gaps. Crypsis also can help you put on purge pressure.

23 Sep 2015 argaille

I love this deck but i was asking myself if it has an economy good enough to use Security Nexus more than a couple of times.

24 Sep 2015 Restartt

have you considered the supplier? you could drop some combination of modded and/or career fair (or possibly one employee strike and some combo of those) for three suppliers. You have a ton of hardware and resources, and so you can pretty much get a 2 credit discount every turn

24 Sep 2015 mharris717

@Restartt I actually just tried The Supplier yesterday, and I think it doesn't work. Main reason is Underworld Contact and Data Folding don't fire the turn you install off The Supplier, so you're really only getting a 1 credit discount.

24 Sep 2015 mharris717

@argaille definitely. The hardest part for me was finding the right name to install Security Nexus. Once it was installed, using it was awesome. It fits best in a slower game, which you want anyway for your drip econ.

It's also a great panic button you can push if you run into a bad sentry you can't break. Trigger it and lose the trace to end the run.

8 Dec 2015 Ywen

How about a sweet Security Testing to grab some credits for free with Jak during those turns when you don't really have to trash an unprotected asset?

1 Apr 2016 Novag9

Really want to try this deck out, but I'm still missing some data packs. Any suggestions what I could use in place of Underworld Contact and Earthrise Hotel?

1 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Novag9 Unfortunately those are linchpins of the deck there aren't really substitutes. No one gets more value from Underworld Contact than Sunny and Earthrise is the only draw engine that she can utilize well without drawback or influence.

1 Apr 2016 Novag9

@CodeMarvelous I'm trying to catch up with the data packs but I'm playing for barely a month. Aside that, would London Library a viable choice to try to bypass Security Nexus' cost?

1 Apr 2016 Novag9

@CodeMarvelous Forget that. Security Nexus is not a program ^_^

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