Glacier RP 14th at Euros

Heinzel 1280

This is the glacier deck i took to the European Championchip. It went 7-2 overall since i IDed the last round of swiss and didn´t get to play it in the cut.

I took this deck because i figured that it was good against deck that rely on Temujin too much since you ice all your centrals in almost every game. It also got an amazing ice in DNA Tracker last year and a lot of influence due to this and Eli 1.0 coming off the MWL. Another reason is that i really loved playing RP pre-MWL, where it won me the german nationals and since it´s rotating out i wanted to play it a few more times (as long as it´s viable).

I played against 5 Whizzards (1 Siphon, 2 on 3 Rumor Mills and 2 Temu Whizzards) 1 Maxx (TheBigBoy's Minnesota Magnum Maxx) 1 Smoke 1 Haley (Faust, Laguna and Deep Data Mining. Also Rummor Mill) and either another Smoke or Whizzard but i can´t remember anymore.

My losses were to 1 Temu Whizz and 1 Whizz with 3 Rumor Mills. But i think that it was possible to win both those games.

Card Choices:

DNA Tracker: This is the card that makes this deck viable. Even with a breaker the cost to check this ice is huge. It´s difficult to break for whizzard and dangerous to facecheck. It´s quite similar to Fairchild 3.0 in that it punishes face checking without breaker, but is also very expensive if you check it with breaker since you have to break the subs. It´s so expensive to break that it´s great for either building a really strong scoring remote or defending a key central.

Yagura: I´ve always loved Yagura. It´s a cheap 2 Sub ice that let´s you secure R&D early on. The other Code Gates in the Deck aren´t easily Yogable so having 3 1-Cost pieces of Ice isn´t so bad. I am quite happy if my opponent plays a Yog just to break these, because if they run into any other ice they will still need black orchestra unless they have to many data sucker counters.

Tsurugi/Sweeps Week: Since last year (where RP wasn´t good) the deck got 9 Influence back. I was thinking of playing 2 Ichi 1.0 before i added Tsurugi. In a world where Paperclip is quite common a destroyer can´t gear check anymore if it´s in front of a sentry. Since Tsurugi has a ETR it can be used to gear check and since it has 4 Subs it´s also good at taxing. Now i had 2 Influence left and didn´t know what to do with them so i cut a Hedge Fund to put in a Sweeps. While Criminal is a good matchup in general DLR-Andy isn´t so it might be good here. Mental Health Clinics also increase the Hand Size of your opponents so there is some synergy here as well.

Crisium: Is good against everything except whizz on medium. Won me the Hailey match since it taxed him quite hard to get into r&d and trash it just to see it get internsed back there.

Subliminal: Is amazing since most opponents can´t afford to run every turn. It also synergizes well with Celebrity Gift.

No Currents/What do you do when there is Rumor Mill: Since Anarchs can play multiple Rumor Mills, Deja Vus and Same Old Things you can´t win the current war. Scarcity is a Current that´s really good but imo only good in multiples since you want to see it early. There aren´t enough slots for this. ELP is also quite good but since the deck is always struggling for money playing an ELP just to see it Rumor Milled is quite bad. While Palana completly relies on Psi-Games it can´t beat Rumor Mill. RPs ability on the otherhand allows you to create natural scoring windows where you don´t need a defensive upgrade. I haven´t played a single Caprice Psi-Game or fired a single Ash trace in the whole tournament (partly due to playing against 4 Decks with Rumor Mill). While playing against Rumor Mill is tough it is possible to win. You need to build a scoring remote that´s tough to get through. In most of my games against it it was something like Vanilla Eli/Tsurugi and DNA Tracker. You obviously need to be quite rich to manage this so you need a decent-good start to pull this off, since you also have to defend your centrals while doing so. Then you just try to score. Sometimes when they dont have Multi-Access you can neglect your centrals if you can rush out a Nisei this way. A Nisei Counter makes it easier to score the next Agenda. You also have the single NAPD which can sometimes be scored as well. In my games against those decks they always went broke the first time they got in. If it´s an NAPD they couldnt steal it. If it was a Nisei i could score another nisei if i had one in hand (or had fast track).

Overall I am really happy with the performance of this deck. It was in a slump after the MWL and i had to change decks to stay competitive but now it looks like it is doing well again. I am sad that i didn´t get to play it in the Top Cut since i think this was the better one of my two decks.

After the tournament i would say +1 Macrophage wouldve made the deck better. Maybe you could cut 1 crick for it.

5 Jun 2017 evilgaz

Great to get a game - even if I made you sweat by not IDing... ;)

I need more practice with that Hayley deck - and to remember to take things off Film Critic!

Good to see you managed a good finish, RP again for the German Nationals this year? :)

5 Jun 2017 Heinzel

I hope so :D I will see how it performs in the Regionals first though.

6 Jun 2017 Highwire

@Heinzel`this deck was one of only 2 Corp losses I had with my Whiz deck, was great to meet you and hopefully see you again soon!

8 Jun 2017 Nembras

@Heinzel Congrats on getting so far with this deck, proving that RP glacier is still viable. You have my full admiration for this feat.

Also thanks for showing and explaining the deck to me on day 3, it really inspired me to update my own RP list. Maybe you're willing to spar with me and help me prepare for the upcoming regionals and national?

8 Jun 2017 Heinzel

@Nembras We can do that. Just message me on Slack when you see me online so we can get a reliable form of communication going

8 Jun 2017 JackMade

@Heinzel Wouldn't Friends in High Places be awesome in this deck? I really see no reason not to play 2-3 of those.

9 Jun 2017 Heinzel

@JackMadeit's expensive and there arent many things you wish to recur. Your assets have low trash costs and if you need to recur niseis you are probavly already losing and paying 2 in that situation probably doesnt help. Also most of the time you only want to get back one thing and getting an economy asset with it shouldnt pay pff most of the time since your opponent should be trashing it