Leela: 3rd at NISEI Core Tournament

Bandura 307

This deck only lost to @spags in the cut, after an unfortunate Fetal AI followed by 2x Neural EMP.

My sincere gratitude to NISEI organizers, this event was a lot of fun. I did not play much in the way of Netrunner since Worlds 2017, so I really liked this opportunity to go back to basics with a limited card pool.

I think I did well with deck building, but post-tournament I would definitely introduce a few changes.

I think that all influence choices except 2x ProCo and Datasucker are not really negotiable. Professional Contacts is just too much of a tempo hit, many times I'd rather have Liberated Account instead. While Demara is bad - I only played it once, and immediately trashed it to bypass a Himitsu Bako - I guess it works as a backup fracter. In my opinion, a second ProCo or Liberated is preferable to a second Corroder.

My corp deck is here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/54144/babw-3rd-at-nisei-core-tournament