Apocalypse Not Now - 5-1 Polish Nationals

rsh 74

Just the regular Bioethics Gagarin, made kinda toothless by the Zealous Judge ban. Went undefeated in Swiss, with one of the games won by scoring out (!!), then folded in top cut to @Odol's excellent Smoke deck.

Questionable card choices:

Divested Trust is pretty great unless they have Film Critic, and it is backup tech against Hacktivist Meeting. Very much a meta call.

Death and Taxes is AMAZING, gives 8+ value on average and disincentivizes the runner from trashing your stuff. Also makes Hayley cry. Paywall is for chumps.

Overseer Matrix was included as anti-Apocalypse tech and it's absolutely glorious. The value is still pretty good even in non-Apoc matchup, just put it on your Renewal/Bioethics and mess with the runner's math.

Oaktown Grid is mostly a waste of influence, just play Reversed Accounts like a normal person. In fact, just play Reversed Accounts in general, using for example the 1 influence point that is left over.

Notably absent is Tour Guide, as it is a win-more card that is frustratingly porous when you are behind. Afshar is great, Mausolus and Caduceus are flex slots. Caduceus in particular needs switching out as its days of dominance vs the painter breakers meta are over.

21 Oct 2019 Dagguh

Did you ever miss Consulting Visit?

21 Oct 2019 rsh

A little bit. In contrast with the SIU version that forces early aggression, here games last longer and the tools will accumulate in hand. At tournament level people are (rightly) afraid to run early game vs Gagarin.

1-2 might still be worth the deck slots, depending on taste.

21 Oct 2019 Saan

My dude. Can I tell you just how much I like Overseer Matrix as an anti Apoc choice? Spoilers: it's a lot. Seems like a cool way to save influence over Hostile Infrastructure.