Mushroom Cloud

ransomman 314

Crap, I wrote a whole thing about this deck but then didn't save it....

In short, Rabbit hole will help with pesky tracers and cloud breakers are an added benefit since Endless Hunger is 4 MU.

Creeper is not everyone's first choice Sentry breaker but it's a Cloud breaker and it has synergy with E3 as well.

The rest is a standard Apex deck with most influence going towards money and the levy... That's the part that will likely change the most after testing.


15 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

Interesting build. This seems more like a build that only wants to Apocalypse when it's the last resort. Shame you have can't find room for Gingerbread to deal with tracers, Chop Bot 3000 seems like a really good idea, I may implement that into my own build.