Hardware • Install: 1 • Influence: 1

When your turn begins, you may trash another of your installed cards. If you do, draw 1 card or remove 1 tag.

There was a sickly smell coming from his closet. He hoped it was only a mouse this time.
Anarch • Maciej Rebisz • Order and Chaos 45
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Chop Bot 3000

Aesop's pet robot? This card is a weird one.


  • It's Hardware. I hate Programs clogging up MU and Resources can be fragile.
  • It's cheap to install
  • 1 Influence
  • It's versatile. You might just begin your turn with a handful of crap. And just maybe you're in a position to give up an installed card to get some more options. Maybe an Imp or a D4VID that's out of counters is better used to grab a card than sit on the table. Also being able to remove a tag is nice and could come in handy.
  • Nice synergy with Activist Support. Beginning of your turn, Corp takes Bad Pub, you get to trash Activist Support with Chop Bot AND remove the Tag you received. Pretty snazzy. I can see the combo working in a Valencia deck.


  • Cost efficiency? Is trashing a card worth the 2 credits and a Click you save removing a tag, or the single Click you save drawing a card? In some situations, yes. In others...meh.
  • Usefulness is limited. This will only work in a deck where you don't mind trashing your own RIG. And if you're running a Noise deck, you'd probably rather have the 3 bucks from Aesop's than a single card.
  • Only going to work in combo decks.

Overall, it's fine. It seems fun and I think there will be some cute combos with Bad Pub decks, but other than that, it definitely won't fit in many places.

Note that the tag removal is at the beginning of your turn, so you won't be able to remove a tag you got this turn... —
Don't think a Valencia deck would need Activist Support right? —

Chop-worthy cards:




you might say they are on the chopping block —
Worth noting that, because all your "start of turn" triggers enter a queue & must be executed, Activist Support will still give you a tag even if you trash it to Chop Bot. —
phette23, you can avoid the tag if you resolve Chop Bot 3000 before Activist Support. Look at the interaction between Aesop's Pawnshop and Wyldside on page 22 of the rules. —
I don't think you can replace your console.. ever. If you install it, that's it. Not even a second install of the same console. —
@HandKing You can't install a console if you have one installed. But if you feed it to the Bot, you can install a second copy or even a different one. —