Have a Tag! - 4th @ Australian Nationals - West

Jinglis93 20

I am so proud to share the deck that went undefeated in Swiss and earned me a spot in my /first ever/ Top Cut.

I've been playing for three years now, and getting to the top 4 of a tournament feels like a real achievement!

I started building this just before APAC (Where it went 5-2 in Swiss!), And then with minor changes since then, it felt competitive and quick at Nationals.

This deck was a collaborative production in building and testing with some fantastic people ♥️ thanks to Miles, Andrej, Joe and Dan!

Almost all your ICE will give the Runner some amount of tags. Dragging the Runner through your server to steal a little agenda, or trash your Rashida (or access a Behold! 😍) Just helps you win faster.

Early Game: The Runner has to remove tags, giving you the credit advantage to build and score out your agendas (Seamless Launch 'em!) early.

Late Game: The Runner goes Tag Me, giving you access to Shipment From Vladisibirsk and gives you bigger scarier ice with Starlit Knight!

Although I've loved /playing/ this deck, actually building it with friends has been one of the single best Netrunner experiences I've had in the 3 years of playing. 🥰

26 Aug 2023 grombatmole

WA Nats was a blast, thanks for putting it on! I'm kinda glad I didn't have to play against this deck in the end, even if Hush wreaks havoc on your ice!