[SBL 21.10 Playtest] RH Grinder

DoomRat 2043

This decklist was developed during SBL 21.10 testing, and is being published in the interests of transparency and to provide a more even playing field at Worlds.

I tested this for SBL 21.10 trying to find the most obnoxious do-nothing grinder deck I could build with Kakugo and SFT. This is what I came up with. It was competitive but not amazing against un-teched runners, but it wasn't very good vs. even mild tech (i.e. Steve). A runner with caldera takes it apart.

19 Oct 2021 Jinsei

Mausolus seems like an expensive inf spend. what about the milling Weyland upgrade? Something something fractal thingy.

19 Oct 2021 Jinsei

I'd try recursion of [[Fractal Threat Matrix]] with [[Thimblerig]]s (don't need to rez the ice).

19 Oct 2021 DoomRat

Mausolus is just an influence sink here, since the deck really only needs the sprints and ark lockdown (for clot or targets of opportunity). Other influence spends could be perfectly valid. That said, the bad rez/trash ratio on fractal makes me skeptical of that plan.

19 Oct 2021 Krasty

You have one spare influence, so why not GFI instead of BP ?

20 Oct 2021 rumirumirumirumi

If this deck is meant to grind the runner, why are you playing a small decksize? You should do this in Palana.

24 Oct 2021 Radiant

@rumirumirumirumiYou want an ID that still works for you out when both you and the runner durdle. No reason you couldn't play 49 card RH if you really wanted to.