Do Techlords Dream Of Electric Sheep?

emilyspine 1406

Technically undefeated* (the best kind of undefeated) at Aldershot BABW. MWL 1.2 has created a great meta for Geist provided nobody plays Ark Lockdown.

Corps faced were 2 EtF, 1 Palana, 1 Blue Sun and 1 CI

Some comments on the influence spend as a couple of people have asked: The Utopia Shard was a last minute change as I had nothing for CI combo and anticipated some Space Penguins. The previous version of this deck ran Wasteland and Corroder which I swapped for this and Paperclip. Paperclip was fine on the day, breaking Eli for 3 is better than 4. If Palana remains as popular as it was at this event I would swap the Shard for a Film Critic to reliably steal Future Perfects (although it's an obvious but minor nonbo with Mad Dash and Aaron)

Thanks to Seamus for the excellent deck name

*4 wins and a draw

21 Apr 2017 cursor

Do you ever miss the Gordian that was common in Geist decks before?

21 Apr 2017 maxey

I have reservations about the utopia shard.

21 Apr 2017 emilyspine

@cursorI'm actually really happy with the influence spread at the moment but stacked code gates can get expensive. The derez option with Peregrine is also really nice if you get the corp poor but should be used sparingly. Gordian would be ideal but the birb is working for me.

@maxey the Utopia Shard was failed anti CI tech although I hear Alex White managed to use it with Mad Dash to great effect.

21 Apr 2017 Tolaasin

what no temujin? how can this be?

21 Apr 2017 Tolaasin

I'm thinking Employee Strike rather than Utopia Shard might also be worthwhile for the 1 influence -and CI matchup. There is no better feeling than a turn 1 strike against those awful Space Penguin players. Especially if you can siphon too.

21 Apr 2017 fancywookiee

Have you tested with Abagnale instead of Peregrine? It has a bin if nothing else.

21 Apr 2017 emilyspine

@Tolaasin a current would be nice to clear Tarmar or Scarcity and strike could be really useful. But that would push me to 11 events which is too many with 3 peddlers in the deck. I'll be thinking about that for the next version, thanks.

@fancywookiee I am testing Abagnale at the moment, yet to determine whether the bin is more useful than the derez ability as I haven't had a chance to install it so far!

21 Apr 2017 Kikai

Wouldn't Eden Shard be better against Hasty CI?

21 Apr 2017 internet_potato

Do you find the makers worth the influence, given you tend to snipe agendas with spycam? Might be better off with a couple of Off-Campus Apartment to accelerate your setup, since you have 11 connections in your deck.

21 Apr 2017 bracketbot

Abagnale seems better than Peregrine just from a stats perspective. I assume it will save you a bunch of credits per game, just by being more efficient in most cases.

Both alternate abilities are pretty fringe, but Abagnale's trash ability has more utility in those close games where you just need one more access to win, and the credit math puts it just slightly out of reach (kind of like a more expensive Faerie). Obviously Peregrine's ability is pretty good if you have a massive credit advantage over the corp, and are facing a big code gate like DNA Tracker or Tollbooth.

21 Apr 2017 emilyspine

``@Kikai` possibly, I felt Utopia was a bit more flexible (and in the end I didn't see any combo decks!)

21 Apr 2017 bracketbot

Also, if you want a tech card versus CI, I'd suggest Information Sifting, as usually it's a 50% chance to win the game outright versus them. In non CI matchups it's a slightly worse Legwork

21 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

If you cut paperclip, makers, and utopia you can get 3 replicators and Bazaars for maximum NPE :P

21 Apr 2017 emilyspine

@internet_potato I like having Maker's - I felt weird having no R&D multiaccess. Sometimes a run of spycams shows you that there's nothing in HQ and indicates a good time for a surprise dig.

@bracketbot with the amount of FC3 and Tollbooth that's been around I'm happy with the numbers on Peregrine (it's better at str 5 ice than Abagnale is) but Abagnale is definitely worth testing. Depends where the meta goes really. It would be better at Crick and DNA Tracker for sure if Palana sticks around.

21 Apr 2017 emilyspine

@TheBigBoy but how will I break barriers? Get in the bin!

21 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

@emilyspine with Aurora obviously.


How do you find The Maker's Eye in this deck? Are you using it when you don't have spycams up?

22 Apr 2017 emilyspine

@Snake Eyes This​ deck is set up to make targeted, high impact runs so Maker's works really well for me as extra R&D pressure. I'll happily play it without a spycam if previous turns have showed there's nothing in HQ.

22 Apr 2017 shanodin

+1 for the name. Might have to give Geist a go...

22 Apr 2017 strongoose

0/10 Mongoose points.

22 Apr 2017 emilyspine

@ouroborosglyx get in the bin