Standard Punitive Azmari

Frost 506

Brought this deck to a 5-0 at a GNK. Yay! Pretty regular 6-agenda Azmari. The spice is in the Punitive Counterstrikes (not spicy by itself) with the econ package.

Standard Procedure can be difficult to pull off, but with some good naming using Azmari's ID ability, you can usually at least get a Hedge Fund out of it. However, the supporting cast plays a big role in making it a huge money maker.

Slot Machine is really good if your deck wants a credit differential — the downside is that it's leaky: not a problem if you intend to protect your agendas with Punitive Counterstrike. Additionally, revealing the runner's next few draws gives you information on what to name with Azmari and Standard Procedure.

Peeping Tom is probably the weakest card in the deck, but revealing the runner's grip is useful for Standard Procedure.