Slot Machine

Slot Machine 3[credit]

Ice: Code Gate
Strength: 5
Influence: ○○○○

When the Runner encounters this ice, they put the top card of the stack on the bottom, then you reveal the top 3 cards of the stack.

subroutine The Runner loses 3credit.

subroutine If you revealed 2 or more cards that share a type when this encounter began, gain 3credit.

subroutine If you revealed 3 or more cards that share a type when this encounter began, place 3 advancement tokens on an installed card.

Designed by 2017 World Champion Jess Horig
Illustrated by Ed Mattinian
Decklists with this card

Magnum Opus (mo)

#3 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Rule #1 of gambling: The House always wins.

Slot Machine is the custom card designed by 2017 champion Wilfry Horig, and boy is it interesting!

With a rez/str ratio of 3/5, its already worth a look, and with 3 subs and priced at a single influence, its almost TGTBT. When looked at a little closer, however, it gets a little worse.

Encounter effect: Bottoming a card is useful but will rarely be game threatening. If its a critical icebreaker then the runner may have to dig for a tutor but most of the time they won't care about losing something random. However, this does get significantlu better with any sort of draw seal or a Kala Ghoda Real TV on the board. Furthermore, the information for knowing the next 3 cards is useful but not critical as well.

-> The runner loses 3

This sub is always useful, as making the runner lose money is important for any economic war, especially out of Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach. This sub also immediately evens out the cost.

If two of the cards..

This is where the ICE gets weird. Ensuring 2 of 3 random cards from the runner's deck isnt impossible: Many runners pack more Resources and Events than other types.

If 3 of the cards... This one will amost never happen, and if it does, what are you going to use those counters on? Importing into Weyland could work, or using a False Flag, but realistically you can't count on this sub.

One final note

Chief Slee.

1 influence, 3 rez, 3 subs. 5 strength. Nobody actually wants to break this ICE. Yup.

(NAPD Multiplayer era)
The encounter effect can mess with decks using Brahman. —
If a runner has one or two credits. Does the first sub routine still take those away? Or are they safe from the lose 3 if under three credits —
To clarify for others, yes the 1st sub will still sap 2 credits or even 1 credit. The precedent for this can be found in the Upayoga UFAQ. —

Best. NBN. Ice. With its 1 influence cost, it is often splashed across every faction and archetype. Even jinteki kill deck use it.

At 5 strenght, it is always taxing 3 cred or more, even if the runner is using Engolo. Often, the runner will let it fire to lose only 3 creds. Unless they are using Study Guide, it will always cost 3 cred or more to break.

Even better, it often pay for itself, by getting a sweep 3 creds.

And once in a blue moon, you get to put 3 advancement token on something, but don't count on it, this is a rare occurence indeed.

The only draw back : like many NBN card, it taxes well, but does not stop the run. So, keep that in mind, since it will not fit in every archetype.

Otherwise, for the low price of 3 creds, you tax the runner, you may gain 3 creds and it is resilient to trashing shenanigan like Parasite, with its strenght 5. While it is vulnerable to Hunting Grounds, it still retain the first sub, which is not dependant on encounter.

The newer Nisei art is way better. The old art was really not evocative. Slot Machine represent NBN well.

(Salvaged Memories era)