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Johnny Polite 350

I played this deck at an online tournament where I placed first and the deck went 3-0. Two wins were via scoring out, with the last win a Punitive. Wins against Leela, Leela, and Smoke. My runner was RotomAppliance's Professional Leela (https://www.netrunnerdb.com/jp/decklist/63436/professional-leela-1st-at-fb3-store-championship)

A few changes I'll probably make: Ice Wall could potentially be replaced with Masvingo, so that it wouldn't be Boomerang-able. I think the 3rd Wall to Wall should be swapped for a 3rd Mass Commercialization.

17 Mar 2021 Krams

I like the deck, but I don't really understand the HPT when Colossus of all things is your only tagging card at all.

17 Mar 2021 Johnny Polite

@Krams Also Mausolaus! It's not a game plan, it's an escape hatch against runners who decide to float tags. It's definitely non-essential.

17 Mar 2021 Krams

Oh, right, overlooked Mausolus. Yeah, runners tend to let that one fire and if they float tags they reduce most of the tax, so that makes sense.
Thanks for clearing that up.