Vamp Valencia - 1st place - Ropecon Regionals

RTsa 362

Vamp Valencia

This deck went 6-1 in the second finnish regionals at Ropecon on 30th of July (23 players) with the one loss during elimination rounds. Swiss was Bye-Sweep-Sweep-ID-ID, though I played vs the 5th round opponent for funsies anyways. This was before the MWL update. Also check out my original undefeated CtM deck here:

Clonetrolling the Movement

During the day I faced mostly yellow (NEH, CtM, SYNC) but also Palana and a fun Custom Biotics deck, which had three Mandatory Upgrades in the score area in the end by utilizing Exchange of Information. :D


This deck is derived from the great PPvP Valencia deck here:

Can't Touch This

You'll find much better explanations following that link than I can ever give. Big thanks to Beyoken for creating this monster. Too bad it won't see play after today with the new MWL coming into effect. :)


-1 Datasucker: I didn't find this too useful, though sometimes it would've been nice to have.

-1 Retrieval Run: I replaced this with a

+1 Deja Vu. I feel like the added flexibility is worth the change. With PPvPs you can even Deja Vu for econ to play the next (or even same) turn if you're in a pinch!

+1 Vamp to just straight up win games vs slower corps. Also great vs Caprice, which I found was one of the problems sometimes. Though the one loss was vs Palana with too much money to Vamp away. Other times just trashing all the remotes and playing Vamp into Medium won games pretty easily. This may actually be a big change for the deck's play pattern, but it at least suits my style.

1 Aug 2016 beyoken

Big congrats on the win :) Glad to see that my performance wasn't a fluke; this deck truly is the pre-MWL powerhouse that barely got its time in the sun!