Tagme Zahya (2022-10-23) - 2nd @ Czech Nationals 2022

JarekBaltar 28

Czech Nationals 2022 - finished 2nd, 3rd in Swiss

Changes from i need deck slots

  • +3 Tapwrm - either an infinite money glitch or a free turn. And I want to run centrals every turn either way
  • −2 Embezzle - could've been helpful against PD, but overall I don't miss it
  • +1 Bravado
  • +2 Pinhole Threading - I was afraid of defensive upgrades, but haven't met many

Yes, this means I was running a 44 card deck. The plan was to test it and slim it down later, but haven't found time / spine to do so ;) On the plus side - those 4 extra cards saved me in the top 4 game against Rodge's PE.

Accompanied by Snare and Blood PE deck.

14 Nov 2022 Longi

Hey, congrats on 2nd place. Great performance. And thank you guys for supporting us with your presence. See you soon hopefully.

14 Nov 2022 Rodge

Yep, we had an epic game in the top cut! This deck has soooo much money, it's scary!

I do remember us both laughing about the 44 card deck before the game, but it made all the difference right at the end!