i need deck slots please like this deck (14th at worlds)

icecoldjazz 937

Hot pursuit is the best econ card in standard (don't @ me).

hot pursuit

I really did not test or prepare for worlds in any meaningful fashion so I decided to stick to my roots and play what I know: PE and tag-me criminal. Zahya's ability is functionally a desperado and this deck plays similarly to old school Andysucker. Like the best criminal decks it has extremely strong fundamentals, it's great at applying pressure early, and you can often win off of single accesses throughout the game. This deck is the spiritual successor to my 2018 worlds top 16 deck.

This decks is pretty much an auto-win versus any HB, most jinteki, and weyland without kill. If they do have boom then you just need to mulligan for your console and you'll be fine. Market forces is the one card you absolutely cannot win against so just go all out on centrals and hope for a damn i'm good win.

Counter surveillance is of course very good and usually just wins you the game when you play it. Note that it says you can run any server - this is where the 🌶 spicy 🌶 secret 🌶 tech 🌶 comes in. You can counter surveillance a remote, break one ice, then sliiiideeee over into R&D for the win.


This also means the corp doesn't have the opportunity to rez ice they have stacked on R&D and so it fills lucky charm's role of stopping border control if you play it right. It's also better than lucky charm because it has substantial utility outside of just stopping the border control; one of my games was won when I was a turn behind on econ and couldn't contest the remote so I slipstreamed into HQ for 2 accesses and got there. It can bypass all ice stacked on a server which can be the final few accesses you need to close out a game.

I ran into Whiteblade111 on Thursday night and told him about this deck and the 🌶 spicy 🌶 secret 🌶 tech 🌶 and he ended up switching to it for worlds. He found me during swiss and thanked me because had just slipstreamed past 4 ice on R&D for the win. He was on the same deck as me -2 embezzle, +1 lucky charm, +1 aumakua and ended up in 6th place.

Turtle did not feel great during testing; it's consistently the worst of your breakers and so I cut it. Aumakua is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It's also often a trap because you will waste time running for turtle counters to get in somewhere when you could otherwise just be drawing for your real breaker or pressuring the servers you can already get into. I never once felt like I needed it. #noturtle

I knew I didn't want turtle or lucky charm and so I added 2 embezzle as a cheeky include to destroy ice against the terrible Aginfusion deck that's going around. I ended up not playing Ag all weekend and I didn't really use the embezzles so moving forward I am going to try out 1 inside job and a third bravado instead.

The highlight of the weekend was during a crown of servers game in which I counter surveillanced for a total of 18 accesses and whiffed (still ended up winning though!). Ironically I never ended up installing counter surveillance even once during the main event.

For corp I was playing @MrBuggles's degenerate PE deck which went undefeated in swiss.

All in all I ended up 14th which isn't so bad for little practice and even less sleep, and 1 place better than the last worlds I played in (2018), so I'm satisfied with the result. As we all know, however, the true prize from worlds is nrdb decklist of the week...

As always, GL, HF, DD. Good Luck, Have Fun, and Don't Die.

10 Oct 2022 spags

RIP Liza

10 Oct 2022 formerteen

dotw! dotw! dotw!

10 Oct 2022 pspacekitten


10 Oct 2022 Havvy

love it!

10 Oct 2022 Diogene

I knew Slipstream was good! Amazing combo! I can now see it in Sable Deep Dive decks also. You are a genius. Congratulation on your well deserved wins. Cheers!

10 Oct 2022 Whiteblade111

6th/14th at worlds lmfao

10 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

@Whiteblade111 you should have died to clearinghouse

11 Oct 2022 Quacktapus

Slipstream. You absolute madman. Take my likes.

11 Oct 2022 bing005

Nice win! great include on slipstream! Nbkelly explored slipstream use cases really well in his APAC deck a while back - good summary here netrunnerdb.com

11 Oct 2022 Orbital Tangent

This deck rules. Salute, Mr. President. Glad we didn't have the controversy of you winning your organization's own event. lol

11 Oct 2022 gilesdavis

Has everyone already forgotten about nbkelly's slipstream Zahya? :)

11 Oct 2022 Shorty

Deck 's good, Slipstream 's bad. Just go 3 CS if you are scared for BCs. ;)

11 Oct 2022 x3r0h0ur

I'm also slippin. Enjoy the slots. They fill up fast.

11 Oct 2022 Bilby

swag deck. it was an honor teaming with you mr president

11 Oct 2022 tzeentchling

Always happy to like a Counter Surveillance Zahya deck.

11 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

@bing005 @gilesdavis here I was thinking I had discovered something groundbreaking! Props to nbkelly; great minds think alike it seems!

11 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

@Shorty agree to disagree :) I have won numerous games specifically due to slipstream and it also has other weird use cases so I think it's a keeper!

11 Oct 2022 Ams

If this gets dotw I'm deleting the website

12 Oct 2022 hany

Congrats @icecoldjazz

15 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

@Ams well nrdb had a good run

15 Oct 2022 gilesdavis

The fact you got to the same conclusion and also placed so high with it is definitely rad, great minds indeed and congrats!

15 Oct 2022 meta4

Great deck! You ever consider PAN-Weave?

15 Oct 2022 izzy

Slipstream is a heck of a card I'd never read until now! I was informed that Tagme Zahya would be a "bold meta call" going in to Worlds, so of course I played it anyways, and I'm glad that better players than myself were able to prove that it was me that was the problem and not the deck!

16 Oct 2022 meta4

Wouldn't Retribution be a pretty hard counter to this deck seeing as you have no recursion and only 3 permanent breakers? I guess it just isn't played that much?

16 Oct 2022 nbkelly

one year ahead of the meta

17 Oct 2022 chunx

I'm a new player so apologies for the silly question...

when going tag-me, what's to stop your resources getting trashed, especially The Class Act? When using Rogue Trading, do you do install, hit it, clear tag the first time so you can then double click it the following turn? Or do you just install, hit it, and not care if they then trash it? Thanks in advance for todays Netrunner lesson :)

17 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

@chunx Nothing stops the corp from trashing Class Act - actually it's fine if they do because you are really playing it for the draw 4 so it's okay to overwrite/reinstall. Other resources you will use the same turn you install so as not to give the corp the chance to trash them. Of course every game is different but in general, I will install a rogue trading before I have any tags and then use it twice on my next turn. If I already have tags, I will always use it once on the turn I install it to minimize the impact of the corp trashing it. If they don't trash it, it's usually the correct play to just take the remaining 12 on your next turn. I would only remove a tag if I have exactly 2, no Obelus, I know the corp has Boom, and I can't get into HQ to trash it. This circumstance almost never arises so just embrace the tags!

17 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

@meta4 I have considered pan-weave. Generally the corp is not quite poor enough for it to matter unless you get it very early and it's not good enough to play as more than a 1-of.

I have never played or played against Retribution so I would not worry about it. If a key breaker is trashed, the usual play is to save up for a counter surveillance run with mayfly and/or slipstream and hope to win off that.

17 Oct 2022 chunx

@icecoldjazz thanks a lot for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it 😎

23 Oct 2022 m4trix87

NBN Drago R+ (3 Forces and all 5-3s) (like this one) with teching in 2 Psychogs (in this example, replacing the one-off La Costa and one of three Self-Growths) could be good to counter this deck.

23 Oct 2022 m4trix87

@icecoldjazz Yeah, Retribution (or situationally also Wake Up Call if one is green) would also be a good counter, specifically not to attack the programs, but Obelus itself.