Wine me, dine me, 419 me. undefeated in UK nationals 7th sw

Cacoethesvictor 983

A lot of people have asked me for this list. So here is.

There’s only a few updates the main 2 are the inclusion of bankroll which massively improve the CTM match up and early game economy.

The second is Eater over Ddos. Eater is significantly better for aggression in the mti and glacier match ups. They’re less likely to Rez painful ice if you can just pay through. It also allows you to build up counters on amukua albeit without accesses...

This deck won every game I played with it in Swiss (7 in total) against a lot of mti, acme, Gagarin and beat CI in the only game I got to play with it in Swiss. It also went 4-1 in president of Servers and that loss was my own misplay.

This deck in my opinion is one of the strongest in the new MWL in the right hands, and I would probably play it at worlds if I was going. PU and CI was the worst match up. And they go away.

The play style is early aggression and making money to keep the pressure on. When you have 5 points you can remote camp or just sneakdoor for the win. Make them make the first move. Single acceses should never be undervalued.

This deck should be 45. I added a polop for CI which I thought would be more popular.

If you want advice in how to play this list give me a shout. Happy to offer advice.

Again all deck building credit goes to Dave Hoyland. I just play the things.

1 Sep 2018 BizTheDad

Yeah, this deck is stupidly strong. My friend and I just played it last night and I couldn't figured out good lines against it. I'm sure they're there but it was not readily apparent what they were. The Inside Job's make it so hard to rush out given you usually don't have money with the ID ability to rez both pieces of ICE. Well done and thanks for sharing.

1 Sep 2018 cursor

Does Maxwell get the chop since the errata?

2 Sep 2018 Cacoethesvictor

I think Maxwell stays. It’s an extra link vs CTM which means paying the trace is the same as clearing tags. Also you can still manipulate remotes. DoF on to a remote and then maxwelling a big piece of ice is pretty powerful. You’ll often find decks are poor against this and are trying to rush. So Maxwell is another good tool against that.

9 Nov 2018 boreira

Nice one! 3 questions since im also playing 419 apo: I wonder when is a perfect moment for instaling a Femme in case of upcoming apocalypse..? Where you wondering about adding spear phising or faint for more apoc possibilities or no need for that?
Is no one home worth adding?