Always Sunny in New Angeles v2.0 (NMW Legal)

urbanfractal 84

Got rid of excess cards and klunky parts, probably streamlined the deck a bit.

6 Jan 2016 Shmeguy

My deck is almost identical to yours, however the only draw you have is 2x earthrise, I think 3x quality time can replace the employee strikes, quality time is great with 3x career fair and 3x modded because you can overdraw aggressively and use up a lot of cards in your hand to get discounted installs :)

6 Jan 2016 Pinkwarrior

@urbanfractal Personally id go John Masanori for draw it works with Jak Sinclair & New Angeles City Hall. Also Street Peddler is amazing for sunny allowing you to surprise the corp and cut down you deck size.

6 Jan 2016 urbanfractal

@shmeguy I really really like Employee Strike but you have an excellent point; I shall give it a try.

@Pinkwarrior will try it, although I tend to run selectively. Nice combo, though.