Akiko Triple Attack

pingo95412 44

Akiko is thought to be the worst Shaper ID since she's been printed. Not that one cannot build a reasonable deck of her, but most of the time you can have a better deck by simply switching to another shaper ID.

Just before Akiko's rotation in 2024, NSG gave us not only one but TWO reasons to use Akiko. Beatriz Friere Gonzalez and Eru Ayase-Pessoa are the two backdoors leading to R&D. With their help, Akiko can pressure R&D from three directions and force them to ICE up all the centrals. After the corp spreaded its ICE thin, we can have a bit of time to pivot towards the classic shaper control

Usually, the corp would ice up the R&D when they see your ID. Then maybe you just poke R&D and start building up the board. I prefer setting up Pichação on HQ and check HQ with Jailbreak. Sometimes the corp will just put the agenda in their remote. Then you can surprise them with Beatriz. 2 Clicks are expensive but you don't need to slam R&D more than once per turn. It's the same for Eru, but taking a tag is huge and you don't want to flow a tag. So it is effectively 2 click and 2 credits to use, but if the corp ice up the archive, her job is done and you can just let her go.

The economy might seem a bit tight when you need to run the centrals, so Aeneas Informant is there to help a bit, especially if you don't really want to trash everything in R&D. Meanwhile, since we are on Aeneas, Marathon is an auto-include for our dream combo against asset spam.

The breaker sweep is not the best for the meta, but when FFG decides Akiko is too strong for 15 inf, this is the best we can have. Engolo is not an efficient breaker but it works well before Corp double-ice up every server. With Overclock it can attack the scoring remote early on.