Dumblefork v 27.3 (Second Place 2016 LA Regionals-5-3)

Corporations Rule 86

Went 5 and 3 with this at LA Regionals, good for second place with undefeated NEH Butchershop.

Three clone chips lets you play two injects and actually draw your Wyldesides since they are always all in the bottom third of the deck or are constantly trashed by Breaking Newses you don't run because you are playing on camera for the first time and totally being a wimp! Until the final game where you run a 15 minutes first turn, get Midseasonsed for four tags, click for eight credits over two turns, remove the four tags, and then immediately run a snare and lose the Wyldeside in hand that just might have got you back in the game. :)

Congrats to Allen for that sweet, way better than store champs, trophy!

22 May 2016 TheBigBoy

Nice Job. Is the 2nd turntable better than 3rd Lib. My list is the same otherwise.

23 May 2016 kollapse

Oh man, that must have been the game I watched on stream. You made a valiant effort, congrats on the second place.

23 May 2016 Tondo

This deck looks like a pretty sweet evolution of the original Dumblefork deck. I'm wondering though, without Film Critic or Employee Strike, how's your matchup against lock IG?

23 May 2016 Corporations Rule

@TheBigBoy My first reaction after all my losses being to Butchershop was -1 Dirty Laundry +1 Liberated Account to get more money. So yeah, keeping three dirty laundry and losing a turntable would be even better on that. The thing is, I stole three or four Astros on the day with turntable. I feel like being pretty sure you are going to see it midgame lets you set up a bit against fast advance and Butchershop without feeling like you can't get back in the game if they score an astro or two.

@kollapse Thanks man. It was so rough! I had played Allen earlier and let him score out by being way too passive, so I did the opposite of that. Thing is, I never saw Snare in that first game, so....

@Tondo I was lucky enough to dodge IG. I think playing IG is socially unacceptable enough that you can take a gamble on missing it. When I have to play it on Jinteki, I blow up the ice on archives to keep trash costs reasonable, pay just about anything to kill City Hall, Temple, and Museum, and then medium dig like crazy to either win or die as fast as possible.

Or I make an excuse that I don't have time to play, or straight up tell them I don't want to play IG. Sorry. Which further ads to playing IG being socially unacceptable and makes it more likely that I don't see it at a tourney.

It's a long term coercive strategy, like advertisements that are attractive to babies. #corpsrule!

24 May 2016 chih

Looks like you were the true hero on Saturday! Thanks to your contributions to the IG shaming movement I also managed to dodge the matchup. I really love that you managed to fit in 3 clone chips. Removing the career fairs for dirty laundry is such a good idea. You lose a little bit on the click utility, but that 3 influence is crucial.

24 May 2016 rojazu

I play this exact list with -2 Inject -1 TT -1 Knifed +1 Faust +3 MAE.

Parasite recursion is boss

27 May 2016 bluebird503

Too bad we didn't get to play :)