[Startup] RP at home

Limes 795

I took this to the recent Startup CO at (irl) Wizard's Chest in Denver, finishing 4th with this going 2-1. The deck is built around Front Company and Sisyphus Protocol, with the idea that having to run through a Cloud Eater or Seraph twice before being able to run remotes sounds unpleasant. Some misc thoughts:

  • We've got a reasonable number of assets, but we're not a pure asset spam deck since we can't easily defend them until we've found and rezzed a Front Company with enough money left over to rez our central ice. This necessitates a reasonable amount of operation-based econ.
  • Stick Charlotte Caçador behind ice (ideally Boto) before the RP shenenigans happen. Rush out a Sisyphus Protocol early in this same server as soon as you're able, even if it means going low on credits.
  • Didn't use the Bring Them Home all day - it'd probably be better off as more draw since the deck suffers from the classic "must draw all your cards in the correct order" problems that come with having lots of moving parts.
  • Phoneutria is very not good against Seb.