Siphon Theory v12 (FFG Store Champ, 45 Players)

Fictional 1522


Deck is solid. Went 6-2 at FFG Store Champ.

I've been playing a version of this deck for the past 2 years, this is the latest incarnation. Mulligan for Opus or a way to get Opus. Look for your windows to siphon then hammer R+D or the remote. The hardest part to learn is when do be taking credits and when to be building your rig.

MVP Cards Vamp: Love vamping after a siphon let's you run traps and win psi games.

Maya: This is the latest inclusion and completely changed my breaker suite to be more flexible and efficient. Amazing to bottom trouble cards and dig deeper.

Femme: Best breaker in the deck with the scavenges. Gets you in in a pinch makes your runs cheaper and easier.

6 Mar 2016 percomis

What's the deck's plan against Fastro?

6 Mar 2016 rubyvr00m

I can't speak for the author, but with 3 Siphons and a Vamp, they should ideally not have enough money to play Biotics or San San City Grids.

6 Mar 2016 Fictional

@percomis @rubyvr00m Exactly. You can land siphons early and often and slow down their fast advance but there is still a lot of variance in this matchup usually dependant on who gets the first astro.

The best plan is to siphon early to slow them down and get the money to afford your interfaces then deep dig R+D for the win.

6 Mar 2016 rubyvr00m

Another thing you could do is leave SMC on the table with 4+ credits and essentially threaten Clot without necessarily having one. Even good NBN players would have to respect it and slow down enough to find a CVS which buys you time to land the siphons.

7 Mar 2016 BizTheDad

If you're running tag me, how do you handle Resistor?

7 Mar 2016 Fictional

@BizTheDad Usually Femme or beat the trace if you have to. Its horribly inefficient but it only really hurts if they stack them. The decks that use it usually don't have any other trouble ice anyways.

8 Mar 2016 aero

Nice. What's the final rig usually look like for you/have Atman and Cyber-Cypher been good includes?

8 Mar 2016 Fictional

@aero The only constants in my final rig are Opus and femme. I bring in the other breakers as needed depending on game state and matchup.

Cyber-Cypher has been amazing against the big yellow codegates as well as turings. Atman doesn't get used too often but Femme as the only sentry breaker isn't ideal and that's why I have atman for big sentries like ichi's and assassin's.

10 Mar 2016 Vanadium

How early do you bring out Femme, typically? I tried this deck last night but was having a hard time on what to do with Femme. In one game I face checked and hit some bad sentries, and then later brought out femme. In another game, I femmed much soner, which certainly stopped the ugly face checks, but then it was a huge tempo hit either paying for her or test run/scavanging her so early in the game.

10 Mar 2016 aero

I hope not to speak too much for @Fictional, but in my experience Femme early is usually a good thing, being able to Test Run it into an Account Siphon turn one. Having Scavenge is great and Levy allows you extras throughout the game.

10 Mar 2016 Vanadium

I suppose that makes a lot of sense to just blind test run her onto HQ. I'd considered it, but didn't give it a try last night.

10 Mar 2016 Fictional

@Myth Yes @aero is right on in that I usually get it out early with a test run/scavenge on hq to easily get the siphon off. I will also sometimes pay for her outright if it gets me the siphon because you get your money back instantly and are set up for more siphons.

12 Mar 2016 Haggis

Noob question but, how does the femme/scavenge interaction work?

12 Mar 2016 Fictional

@Haggis Scavenge allows you to trash your femme and then reinstall the femme from your heap. This interaction moves the femme target to another piece of ice allowing you to change what femme bypasses.

Scavenge also works well after a test run, allowing the program to stay on the board instead of returning to the top of your stack.

31 Mar 2016 Titus Groen

So what do you use your Test Runs for if you already have SMC, Opus, and Femme on the board? Draw and toss?

1 Apr 2016 Fictional

@TitusGroen Yeah I ditch them unless I think their on batty or keegan, then they are used for recursion since we are not running clonechips.

1 Apr 2016 Titus Groen

@Fictional I don't have Maya or Vamp, do you have any recommendations? Maybe Astrolab? Not sure what to do with the two influence from Vamp.

Thanks for the great deck!

1 Apr 2016 Fictional

@TitusGroen If you have lady, 2 of those to replace the other fracters would be really good. 2 clonechips would also be solid. If you want to get a little crazy a turntable might be good for the fastro matchup.

1 Apr 2016 Fictional

@TitusGroen or a legwork would be good too.

4 Jun 2016 Zakalwe

Seeing this deck makes me feel sad and excited at the same time. Kinda nice to see off-beat breakers like Battering Ram however.

26 Nov 2016 thebriarfox

How has this evolved?

26 Nov 2016 Fictional

@thebriarfox Unfortunately with yellow getting such good tag punishment tools (Mostly EoI) this deck became unplayable competitively and I had to shelf it. It actually has not gained many useful tools since I last played it so it is mostly the same.

Once Misdirection comes out I will be trying to resurrect this deck. I have builds for both CT and Smoke to try out.