Event • Cost: 5 • Influence: 3

Shuffle your grip and heap into your stack. Draw 5 cards. Remove Levy AR Lab Access from the game instead of trashing it.

Spend too much time in the AR Lab and someone might notice. Unless you're the head of it, that is.
Shaper • Lili Ibrahim • Creation and Control 35
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Levy AR Lab Access

So as the first review, I feel confident that many people are in the same boat as I am with this card: it's just not being used much. I intend to remedy that in my own play if possible. In the meantime, this is a review of theoretical combos...

Played with Comet on the board, you could redraw a fresh hand and then play a second event without spending a click.

Though the influence is high (3 points), it could help give MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock a new lease on life. Dug down and found some of the pieces you need? Start over and get the rest! Using event econ? Never quit your Day Job.

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire is making great use of Aesop's Pawnshop for econ, with Grimoire + Cache and Déjà Vu and Surge . . . and he can get them all back, maybe even tutor them back out if he's using Djinn, if he spends some time in the Lab . . .

And of course it also gets back any important cards lost to damage of all kinds, and with all the tutors in Shaper (Self-modifying Code, Test Run, Trade-In) you could easily pull them from your deck once you've shuffled them back in.

Just some thoughts, I hope to find more as I play with this card!

Any runner deck that uses a draw-heavy event-based econ will strongly consider this card. I literally see it all the time. —
Agreed. I feel like this is a very common card. I see it all of the time in many different types of decks. —
I have 1x in my MaxX deck to prevent decking myself. It's quite useful. I've played it in a fair number of other Shaper decks as a reset too; again usually 1x. —
if you have a lot of card draw and events you can draw through your deck multiple times in one game. in that kind of deck you can use this card to re-use all those events and draw. Lucky find and hedge fund are good enough to want to play more then 3 times in a game. —
Two top tier decks - RegAss MaxX and PPVP Kate use this card nearly every game... —
Until trope comes out, MaxX gets 3 less influence because of this card. —
It seems I spoke too soon. —
Am I right in thinking that Blacklist ("Cards cannot leave the Runner's heap for any reason") wrecks this? —
Ekominded people get their rig razed? —

Obviously a terrible card

Why would you pay 5 to recycle your deck since it has already been used and your cards installed? The "draw back to five" effect is clearly not worth the credits and the horrifying influence.

Well all your event based economy cards will get another use, any programs/resources trashed by the corp can be regained and if you're using Faust you'll want those cards back to break ICE. —
How tow write a lazy ironique netrunner card review —
1. Opening comment oposite to the consensu. 2. Highlight the benefits of the card and say they are negative factors implying that either yourself or everyoe else has misunderstood the card. 3. Talk about how the costs of the card do not return value bearing in mind the above factors. 3. Conclude opposite the consensu. Copngrats, you too can also write an ironic netrunner card review kids, scoring around 3/10 for comedy value. —
Ga. —
@gamblingworld: quite the amazing analysis. Thank you for deconstructing these kinds of troll reviews. We really don't need them on the site. —
^Except for that one totally amazing and inscrutable review of Private Security Force. I'd be fine if we got like one of those every tweet two months or so. —
What's funny though is that if I recall, the number of reviews you can make is tied to your karma. —
Noting every criticism lads. Hopefully my next text will be closer to a #qualityreview —