Dumblefork (1st Place Gamers' Den SC)

Ajar 1593

tl;dr: Stick to the stock Dumblefork list.

1st place of 19 players at The Gamers' Den in Cambridge, MN. 4 rounds of Swiss and a top 4 cut.

I made one change from the original Dumblefork list: -1 Forked, +1 Spooned. Turned out @TheBigBoy had 2x Forked in there for a very good reason: Data Raven. Super annoying ice for this deck if they can punish the tag in the same run with QPM or Keegan.

Even so, the deck only lost once on the day, going 6-1 overall. In the loss, I mulliganed a marginal hand into a bad one and then misplayed it, so a solid Foodcoats player was able to rush out before I could get set up. I beat NEH Fastro, Bootcamp Blue Sun, NEH Team Turtles, NEH Fastro, Foodcoats (same one as the Swiss loss), and Haarp Psychobeale.

Make money, deny asset economy, then when you're ready to go, blow up all of their ice and win with Medium dig. Dumblefork OP.