Turtlefabrics: Peak Asset Spam Jankery

greyfield 3796

It's Mumba Temple's world now; we're just living in it. So here's another contribution to the gigantic pile of horizontal decks that are somehow much stronger than they look.

Much like Mumba NEH, you start with heavy asset spam (few things are more satisfying than Turtlebacks paying out two creds thanks to ETF), powered by Jackson. If your opponent gives up on trashing your stuff, you can rapidly load up Lakshmi Smartfabrics, Fast Track up an agenda you already have in hand, and put out one of the copies, which now your opponent won't get to steal. Or you can just skip a step and Biotic Labor out an agenda to trigger those sweet, sweet Team Sponsorships and rebuy everything they just trashed.

It's possible that some of the numbers on the assets could be trimmed; it'd be nice to have a little more ice (ABT isn't risky, thanks to TS, but it often pays out nothing) and non-Jackson card draw.

It's not as good as Mumba NEH. But it is a ton of fun. So if you go for that sort of thing, I recommend it.

(Before you ask, the deck has 3 GFI in order to maximize the synergy with Lakshmi - Fast Track. This way, even if you lose one of your agendas to theft, you still have two copies remaining to pull off the trick.)

22 Mar 2016 HexNet

Since you only score 3 (maybe 4) times and the final score is irrelevant to Team Sponsorship, maybe cut them in favour of PAD Campaigns? You mention it saving you from ABT though.

I made a similar deck with more ice so that the Laksmhi would go in the "scoring server", but I only had a single Biotic. I like the lighter-ice idea and may tinker with this again.

22 Mar 2016 greyfield

@HexNet You never want to be without TS - it's essential. Even things as minor as getting back an Assembly Lines is a big deal. Plus against certain runners, it can be harder to protect your Lakshmis, making GFI less reliable, so you probably have to go for 4 3/2s anyway.

And cash often isn't a big problem because you're ETF and everything rezzes cheaply anyway. (That, and having TS means you can basically always fire your ABTs, which occasionally can win you a game singlehandedly by dumping a couple of ice into your centrals.)

22 Mar 2016 wynalazca

I think the biggest problem with Lakshmi Smartfabrics is it just instantly loses to film critic in any shaper deck. Against them, other than scoring a naked 3/2 agenda, nothing is safe. They just sit back and stop you from scoring. Lakshmi Smartfabrics is a really cool and interesting card and makes for some really strange lines of play, but in a world where film critic is in every single shaper deck, it's just not good in a competitive scenario.

22 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

Yeah, but every non-tier 1 corp deck has a hard counter at the moment. That's why they're not tier 1. The solution here is probably 1 or 2x Snatch and Grab, although Contract Killer would be a super cute and recurrable alternative.

22 Mar 2016 greyfield

@wynalazca Yeah, in that matchup you have to lean a little harder on HB's natural never-advance power. But remember that it's expensive and tedious to set up a permanent threat of Clot, SacCon, and Film Critic - even something as simple as getting out all those Fan Sites and an Artist Colony takes time. So as with the NBN FA vs Shaper matchup, you have to rush hard, and force them to choose between economic development and counterplay. At that pace, Lakshmi becomes much more aggravating for Shapers.

22 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

Having just got wrecked by 2 scrubbers, Have you considered Enhanced Login Protocol over Encryption Protocol/with? So many people are playing that or Whizzard these days that an alternate tax feels like a good idea

23 Mar 2016 greyfield

It's really up to you. In my experience, the Whizzard matchup can feel like a toss-up; some games you throw down assets so fast he can't possibly trash them all and he'll probably just give up rather than neglect his economy, and some games you can't build up a critical mass and he just devours you. An early version of the list was actually testing, of all things, Ronald Five, for a similar effect; that might still be worth it.

One card I think definitely is important, though, having seen it in action, is Snatch & Grab. Because while you can win without Lakshmi, the card gives so much free advantage that it's probably worth dedicating slots to just making it better.

24 Mar 2016 moistloaf

is second Ichi 2 better than second Turing?

24 Mar 2016 HexNet

I like Turing. And I'd play Vikram 1.0 over Ichi 1.0/2.0.

24 Apr 2016 Marimbist11

Just had a blast piloting this deck in a small GNK today. Had some surprising success with it! This was exactly what I felt like playing. Pretty goofy, but just good enough to be worth running. I'll definitely have to practice piloting it some more.