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Based on the brilliant lolpaca's Easy Mark For Days list. The key is Spy Cameras and Tech Traders/Writers for econ, and allowing you to make targeted runs on RnD to snipe agendas. You can try fewer than 6 Spy Cameras, but I really feel like having them all is what you really want.

Fixed breakers only avoid the huge number of card slots you need to support cloud breakers, and Polop and The Source are meta-tech cards against Glacier and Fast Advance respectively; Fall Guys and Film Critic keep The Source online, and Hostages, when you're not using them for Tech Traders, can be used to fetch these pieces, though I'd recommend prioritising the traders as the money really starts flowing once you have them.

Would be nice to fit a third Forger back in (as it's great in combo with Siphon, and protects against SEA/Raven/Snatch & Grab), but really it's the only flex slot I think I had (and I'm still at 46!). More Same Old Thing would be tasty too, but again, card slots!

Between Film Critic and Forger you're pretty resistant to being tagged for a Meat Damage kill. Not sure how the deck will stand up to an IG grindy deck, I really haven't come up against proper asset spam. More testing needed!

27 Apr 2016 lolpaca

How are you finding The Maker's Eye and Legwork compared to Interfaces? I prefer the interfaces because the install cost's rarely a problem, and they let you keep up a sustained attack on centrals once you're good & rolling.

28 Apr 2016 unitled

I could go either way on both to be honest. With Same Old Thing and Levy, I can use Maker's Eye right when I think the corp might be vulnerable in either of those centrals, rather than applying a more even pressure over the course of the game; I tend not to run either server as much as I would do otherwise.

But, broadly up to personal taste I would say? I do know that Spy Camera takes some of the pressure off requiring multi access for a win on RnD.

28 Apr 2016 Johnny Polite

Are three hostages worth it? Seems useful (get an early tech trader, fetch a pol op), but useful enough for three?

28 Apr 2016 unitled

Honestly, I've always felt like I suffered when I dropped them (I've been in the sad position of Same Old Thing for Hostage before). If nothing else, here you can Hostage for a Fall Guy which is 2 clicks for +4 creds and a card. Not a terrible tradeoff! And it also can fetch Film Critic, The Source, and Polop, all resources it's good to have access to on short notice.

29 Apr 2016 lolpaca

I've put together a Salsette-ready list of this, see what ya reckon. Goes heavy on the SiphonForger-them-to-oblivion plan.

I've dropped Cortez Chip too - great as it is, it still usually feels like the least hardworking card in the deck. Not sure how useful Sports Hoppers will be as a replacement, but I do feel like I spend too many clicks on draw early on - drawing 4 for a click at little or no cost, plus really solid damage insurance, is pretty tempting. Plus, 3 helps out with a lot of common ice.


29 Apr 2016 unitled

I really like that cut @lolpaca, I may well give that a spin. Over this build you basically lose the special orders and inside jobs, right? Feels more solid otherwise mind. Interested to hear how that one works out for you, enjoy the Forgers :D

29 Apr 2016 lolpaca

You could swap the hoppers for Inside Job and/or Special Order and it'd probably be better, I just like to try out new cards.

I am liking Forger a lot more now. The 13-credit, 1-tag Siphon with a free draw is just disgusting.

9 May 2016 Tolaasin

@unitled, lolpaca - have either of you tried to fit bazaar/replicator in? I've seen a couple of decks on jnet recently that make it work, but with disposable breakers.

9 May 2016 lolpaca

I haven't tried it yet, but I do really like builds that play around with deck-thinning - it's so satisfying to pull and install a bunch of cards at once, knowing that your next draw is that much more likely to be a breaker/econ/something else that's useful.

You'd need quite a bit of hardware to make it worthwhile though - Security Chip could be a good idea. Forger would still be good with Replicator as it's always handy to have one on hand to replace the one you just burned. I think it'd be a different deck really, but it's definitely worth playing around with.

9 May 2016 Tolaasin

The deck I saw yesterday was running security chip ...