Deserted 3.0

Drazjk 14

Latest version of my Exile deck. Still as fun to pilot as ever.

30 Apr 2016 Jaggerbyte

I think you could get away with 2x wasteland and maybe lose the data sucker because you have no parasite, maybe put in an imp to get rid of operations. with no plascrete sure you can draw after the first hit but why take the chance?

1 May 2016 Drazjk

@Jaggerbyte I'm not to keen on going down to fewer Wasteland due to the fact that they are actually more important to the economy of this deck than Aesop's Pawnshop.

The Imp was sadly something I had to lose for MWL. That's why I'm resorting to testing Analog Dreamers for a more favorable NEHFA matchup.

While I personally dislike playing Plascrete Carapace I see why you would think so and in a very heavy meat damage meta it probably would be wise. So far I have found money to be enough of a defense.

1 May 2016 Jaggerbyte

Sorry I am completely blind I thought wasteland was Salsette Slums for some reason. Your choices make so much sense now. I stopped using Analog Dreamers in previous Exile builds although with councelman I maybe able to put it back.