Professor Power

Potat 37

The idea is to leverage power counters and Brahman to make breaking into servers very cheap. You have a lot of options for cheap early pressure, and the net chips let you rely on Brahman to get you out of tight spots without ruining your rig with targets like Paricia and chameleon. All of the redrawing and reinstalling works well with Technical Writer and Professional Contacts. The economy is light by design, Magnum Opus is primarily there to help fight traces.

D4v1d with Brahman and Net-Ready Eyes is essentially your main breaker suite, with everything else acting to support it.

14 May 2016 kyrubas

@Sithhat, I hate to tell you this, but I don't see a Brahman in your deck list there...

14 May 2016 Potat

Thanks for catching that, I published in haste. I'll remove this one and you can check out the other.