Devil's Cake MaxX Reborn

phette23 2183

Play with the powerful early momentum of Wyldside MaxX but transmogrify into a better long-term runner like Whizzard or Edward Kim when you're starting to run out of cards.

This deck is an experiment & not optimal. Everyone turns to Andromeda or Valencia for their Rebirth decks since their abilities don't matter once the game's begun. But MaxX is interesting because there can come a point in the game where her ability is actually a detriment, so being able to turn it off after having drawn tons of cards from it & then transforming into the most tactically appealing Anarch is enticing. MaxX also helps you find Rebirth either through her natural draw or by milling it & making it a target for recursion like Same Old Thing.

It's not the best Rebirth deck but it is a MaxX deck, & MaxX is the best .

13 Jun 2016 kollapse

With so many targets for Déjà Vu and Same Old Thing, would it be helpful to up one of them to 3x, going 47 cards? I like the idea in general, and MaxX is always a fun runner to play.

13 Jun 2016 phette23

Sure, that change would be fine. It'd help reduce situations where you want to Rebirth early but need to save a SoT for Levy, etc. Makes you able to more aggressively recur the cutlery events, too.

I like the traditional MaxX 2 Déjà/2 SoT split in this deck due to all the viruses (also makes Noise a fringe Rebirth possibility). Adding a 3rd SoT dilutes things a tiny bit & might not be so good post-Rebirth as the deck's events aren't as impactful as typical SoT targets, like say Account Siphon or multi-access.