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plumsmugler 13

Tossed together a Sunny Lebeau deck with the cards I have on hand. Definitely need novel programs outside of this sub-faction in order to take advantage of my spacious MU space. Any recommendations?

17 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@plumsmugler I highly recommend Datasucker & Multithreader to make the breakers cheap. Id also recommend cards like Street Peddler (you have it may wanna scale back the events for that) to help trim your deck down & some multi access like The Turning Wheel.

I also feel you have a little 2 much link about 3 is enough just have more econ for the rest or use something like Power Tap as any more than 5 link is likely to goto waste 99% of the time.

18 Jun 2016 pandaman64

Underworld contact is basically the first 3 cards anyone puts in a sunny deck.

rabbit hole seems unnecessary.

I would recommend datasucker. Works well with the cloud breakers, makes her faster, works well with jack sinclair.

Ditto for john masanori. mid/late game you shouldn't be making failed runs

18 Jun 2016 pandaman64

Also consider making room for zu.13 key master. It costs influence, but is much better than the code breaker that comes with sunny.