The Essence of Bullshit - 1st Place Brno Regionals

hsiale 203

A week ago I TOd Regionals in Wrocław and saw Matuszczak slaughter the field using a Haarpsichord deck which defended mostly just with the ID power and was all in on tagging the runner and killing them or (rarely, but I've seen this happen) scoring a PsychoBeale. I liked the deck a lot, tried it online and decided to take it to Brno Regionals.

The tournament was 19 players, 5 rounds Swiss, Top 4. I had mixed fortunes in Swiss, first killing an Andromeda who had all she needed to destroy me but luckily was a bit too afraid and gave me lots of time to setup a kill despite her opening hand containing 7 econ cards including 2 Siphons, then encountered a Hayley who brought 2 Film Critics and 2 NACHs which was enough to stop me, round 3 and 4 I killed two more Crims (Leela and Andy) and then round 5 I landed a Midseasons for 6 tags on Noise turn 2, but he found the Plascrete a turn before I drew the kill and caught me off guard by installing Turntable after I scored 3-point Beale and stole it before I scored out.

In the cut I played the same PPVP Whizzard twice, burned him both games, first one was definitely harder as he drew Film Critic in his opening hand and denied me Midseasons. I scored two Breaking News and after some time had a hand of 24/7, Salem's and SE, decided to check his hand for I've Had Worse and luckily he had two so I landed the kill. Second game was without the Critic, the hardest moment was turn one as I drew no other econ other than Profiteering, so I had to installed it together with one other agenda, he ran the wrong remote, I moneyed up, landed a huge Midseason on his second steal and went to dig for kill pieces which I managed to find quite fast.

Runner deck:

19 Jun 2016 Crowe

This deck looks hilarious. :) I've quite enjoyed Haarpsichorch with 3 scorch/3 traffic, but consulting visit makes it look absolutely bonkers. I also love the ballsy-practically-no-ice style. One thing I would probably try and find room for is The All-Seeing I. Destroying the runner's resource engine can be devastating, and it just so happens to deal with Film Critic + you can find it instantly with Consulting Visit.

19 Jun 2016 hsiale

One of the best things you can do with this deck turn 2 or 3 is scoring a Profiteering and getting lots of money together with lots of bad publicity, so The All-Seeing I will not work here. This card is good if you land a single tag and want to exploit it before the runner removes it. Here, once you land Midseasons, the runner stays tagged and if there are any annoying resources, you can remove them the standard way.

19 Jun 2016 Krasty

That turn when you 24/7 News Cycle, Salem's Hospitality for double Ive had worse and than [Scorched](/en/card/01099) to win was incredible .... didnt believe it until I saw it... :o)

19 Jun 2016 hsiale

It was Salem's first, and when I saw he had two IHW, I followed with 24/7 into SE. But as he was pretty aggressive I was quite sure at least one is there and I wanted to clear it before going for kill next turn, though finding two was nice bonus which allowed me to close the game before my deck bleeded 7 points.

19 Jun 2016 Krasty

@hsiale: ou .. you were know, he has 2 IHW in hand! Didn`t know that... :o)

19 Jun 2016 hsiale

I didn't know for sure but expected at least one, so I played Salem's to check :)

22 Jun 2016 killj0y

I've built something that has a lot of the same bones. I like your take on this, I will really keep it in mind when I need something that has some firepower in it and isn't just another yellow fast advance.