Building a Better Transaction Suite

Waltzard 373

Won a kit with this last night. Live in ATL, so that isn't super easy.

This is a pretty fundamental Weyland deck. I've used it to teach Netrunner.


15 is a lot of money making operations. This protects R&D and makes you money. Not much to say. You will be pretty rich.

Agenda Suite:

These are my usual Weyland agendas. Use MCC to FA public agendas, or do the old rush strat to try and get an ATLAS counter.

Assets: Down to 2 Jacksons, which is iffy, but has worked thus far. MCC is, of course, the not-so-secret sauce. FA is good.

Murder Operations: 2 SEA, 3 Scorch. A singleton Subcontract and Housekeeping are laying around, they will sometimes be game savers, but in general your goal is just to SEA Source/Scorch/Scorch. Murder cards also help keep your hand safer. You'll be playing your transactions and installing your ice, Scorch and SEA keep your hand from being entirely agendas.

Ice Suite: 12 is not a lot of ice. You depend pretty heavily on threat of scorch to keep them off your back. Still, every bit of ice (bar cobra) ends the run. Fire Wall exceeds the D4VID limit, but with Hollywood you get the occasional lockout play. Quicksands are occasionally Bastions, etc. The general formula is 12 ice that ETR, no influence spent. I've used a wide variety of ice for the exact mix.

30 Jun 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Finding space for Jeeves Model Bioroids would be... so nice. Not sure where it would come from though.

30 Jun 2016 Waltzard

I could add another Hostile, an Underway Restoration and 3 Jeeves. Not sure that's an improvement, but it doesn't seem like a huge switch.

1 Jul 2016 PureFlight

@Waltzard You might be hurting for ICE or a Jackson if you go up to 54. 12/54 cards to defend against early siphons or help the'll definitely want to mulligan for ICE and might not even see some the second time.

You could try dropping 1x MCC, 1x Beanstalk for 2x Jeeves. Or drop Housekeeping, although it's nice to have a current.

A Jeeves-Subcontract turn of Restructure+SEA+Subcontract+3xScorch is pretty gnarly...

1 Jul 2016 Eji1700

Not sure jeeves isn't just win more in this deck. Triple scorch is scary as hell for sure, but i wonder how often you can even pull that off, and in how many of those scenarios would a double have been fine?

1 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

@Eji1700 I'm not sure I would call Jeeves "win more." Nearly half this deck is operations, which are incredibly synergistic with Jeeves. The sheer amount of tempo one extra a turn lends to the corp (even when in most cases it can't be used to score) is not to be underestimated.

He's also packing three copies of Lateral Growth, a card that allows you to install while playing operation chains. This means a turn can (somewhat regularly) look like play two operations + Lateral Growth, install two cards (one from LG). That's insane tempo, and allows you to pull ahead of the runner into the midgame very quickly, opening large scoring windows.

Finally, Jeeves occasionally lets you save a few Mumbad Construction Co. counters, which you really dont want to use unless you have to (you want them for closing out the game).

Is he necessary in this deck? Probably not. Does he provide a lot of synergy? Certainly. Is he "win more?" It remains to be seen, but I think he's "win just enough."

1 Jul 2016 Waltzard

@FarCryFromHuman Yeah, there are a lot of operations...but it is still incredibly rare to play 3 in a turn. Like, it usually only happens either on the first turn or when you are scorching the other player out.

Turn 1: Install Ice, Install ice, transaction Turn 2: (you have 4 cards in hand after open draw, odds are at least a few are ice/agendas). You usually play something like Draw (or Jackson), Operation, Draw

And so on. It is rare to accumulate 3 transactions in hand, because they tend to be played as soon as they are drawn. I've never sat down and traced out click usage, but it feels something like draw/install and transact are about even, with click for creds a distant runner up, roughly tied with advance.

Now, the fact that Jeeves would allow never advance ATLAS to be scored out with a counter is a big deal. A lot of folks let a never advance in For Weyland sit. If it is a MCC they want me to spend to rez before they spend to trash. If it is an atlas the 3 clicks/3 creds is an acceptable tempo hit to avoid the risk of running if it was a Jackson.

1 Jul 2016 Zodoh

Hello there !

I see this lot of econ and I was thinking about Dedication Ceremony... There is a big synergy with Mumbad Construction Co. But once again, it's hard to find slots... I would drop 1 Beanstalk, 1 SEA and 1 Housekeeping.

Rez MCC at the beginning of the turn 1. install public 2. dedication ceremonie use credit 3. advance to get a kickass bonus !

Cost: 14 (4 + 1 + 8 + 1 ) in the worst case