Mumbad Construction Co.

Mumbad Construction Co. 4[credit]

Trash: 3
Influence: 3

When your turn begins, place 1 advancement token on Mumbad Construction Co.

2[credit]: Move 1 advancement token from Mumbad Construction Co. to a faceup card.

Illustrated by Simon Weaner
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Business First (bf)

#36 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-07-12

    UFAQ [Damon Stone]

    Does moving an advancement token from Mumbad Construction Co. to a public agenda trigger its ability?

    No. Neither placing nor moving advancement tokens is considered the same as advancing a card.


MCC is a heck of a card. I've been playing it since it came out, and I can honestly recommend it to most any Weyland deck.

Here are the basic plays, as I've used them:

1: Put it down never advance as part of a horizontal Gagarin strategy. The notion here is that eventually you'll have a Dedication Ceremony and a public agenda in hand and you can FA a 2 or 3 pointer. This fails if they are checking every remote, but you have all the usual Gagarin tricks to make that obnoxious (ambushes, paywalls, the ID ability). If they are dedicated remote checkers they might well bring themselves into scorch range.

2: Put it in Fort Weyland, your one remote. Having a MCC ticking away in your scoring remote is immense pressure on the runner. It reminds me of how it feels when the runner puts down an Incubator. If they don't go in and trash it, you will use it fast advance points. If they do trash it, they get no points.

There is a lot of other cute stuff you can do. Here are a few secondary plays I pull off from time to time.

Death by never advanced Junebug. If they check a facedown junebug and you have 3 counters on your MCC just rez it and load it up in the Jackson window, then let them access.

Dodging cutlery: Change the type of a Wendigo or Changeling after they play the event.

Dodging Clot: If they have a clot in heap, waiting to get clone chipped, you can wait until you have enough counters, then install a public agenda and score before they have a chance to get their clot out. Happens surprisingly often.

The math on this guy is usually about like this: Scoring an Oaktown Renovation from hand takes you all 3 clicks and 2 counters, as well as 2 creds. Install the Oaktown, advance twice (spending 2 creds, gaining 4, for a net gain of 2), then spend 4.

Scoring a Hollywood from hand takes 8, install and advance twice for 2, then 6 more to push over the counters.

The rez/dedication combo play to score a Hollywood from hand is 14.

I encourage every Weyland player to give this card a try. It has really helped out my Weyland decks. We can usually protect one remote, and this card is the right card to live there.

(Fear the Masses era)

In case you were like me and got into an excited giggle fit over this, I'd like to point out one innocuous little word you may have missed: "faceup".

collective sigh Party pooper, I know.

So, with that said let's get this out of the way. Mumbad Construction Co. is not a fast advance card. There is no potential play (barring Dedication Ceremony, but we will get to that) that will allow you to score an agenda out of hand with this in one power play, like you can with SanSan City Grid or Biotic Labor. (Except Underway Renovation, yeah yeah I know. But why aren't you just playing Hostile Takeover if that was your plan?) This card has to be on the table for two turns before you can score an Oaktown Renovation or Hollywood Renovation from hand. That's not exactly fast, and you better believe that this card at 3 trash cost will be an extremely high value target.

So Weyland still doesn't have in faction fast advance. So what? Mumbad CoCo still does some pretty cool shit and allows for some great versatility.

For instance, you may have noticed that I mentioned scoring a 5/3 out of hand with this bad boy. It's not technical "fast advance" as it requires a rezzed MumCoCo on the table for two turns, but that third turn (provided you have an enormous amount of cash) let's you install Hollywood Reno, advance advance (moving tokens to MumCoCo each time), pay 6 creds and move 3 tokens over to score. Boom. And you still have a token left over!

And agendas aren't the only ones feeling the MumCoCo love. Remember Weyland's facepalm inducing AOWR ICE suite? Well now if you rez a surprise Woodcutter and spend, oh, 6-8 extra credits, you can give it 3-4 net damage subs before the Runner encounters it! Living the dream baby!

Ok, so that's not ideal either. Well, you can still do what every other Weyland card in this cycle seems built to do and combo with Dedication Ceremony. This, provided you have Dedication, Oaktowm Reno and MumCoCo in hand, and can protect MumCoCo for a turn, allows you to score an Oak town out of hand. But then...if you could protect MumCoCo, why not just play Oaktown and make money off of advancing it?

So...this good? Sometimes? And combo wombo, and expensive as hell and only does what other cards do way better? And is neutered by Weyland's weird ass faction mechanics?

So pretty much, it's a Weyland card. But hey, it's progress I suppose.

(Business First era)
Casting Call also lets you install agendas face up. Casting Call + Mumbad Construction Co + Atlas and you can have anything you want in your deck as long as you keep loading up the tokens —
Mushin and MCC is a really interesting combo. —
sadly, advancing Hollywood Renovation doesn't let you put tokens back onto MCC as it's not a card that can be advanced. —
@ryanplugs ah, good point. I will edit that out. —
Enables never-advance ambushes, for what it's worth. Runner commits at 4.2, rez the ambush and move advancements at 4.3. —
yeah but at that point, why not just run Psychic Field, Snare, News Team etc. ? —
Having played around with this card in Gagarin, I really like it. It's like Public Support, where you can drag the runner through your scoring remote to trash, opening a window to score in the remote, or they just give you free points. —
This card does some work in Blue Sun. Return Curtain Wall to HQ for 14 credits, install Hollywood Renovation, move 5 counters from MCC and score before the runner has an opportunity to cheat in Clot (you do everything in the post-install paid ability window before passing priority to the runner). It's so much fun to play! —