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I doubt this is a good deck, but I think it's going to be a fun one to play. The idea is to sync with what Sunny is already good at (link) and create a rig that can get through whatever ice the corp throws at you, particularly in the mid/late game.

Dr. Lovegood is the other main cornerstone of the deck, as he syncs with Donut, Drug Dealer, and, most importantly, The Source. This should help sustain a credit advantage, which is crucial for the deck. Then in the late game, the breaker rig, combined with security chip/nexus should be able to plow through ice fairly easily.

The two weaknesses I foresee (which are significant), are that I think this pretty much bombs against any fast advance corp, and that it'll do best when you already have an economy advantage over the corp.

But I'm fairly new to the game, and this was designed to be a fun deck I can play around with, not necessarily a competitive one. I'll update on how it goes once I've played a few games with it.

Comments are appreciated! Like I said, I'm fairly new to Netrunner, but slowly learning.

3 Jul 2016 Pinkwarrior

@013 I would say Underworld Contact should be your first 3 cards for sunny less you don't have that pack. Other than that i personally would drop Plascrete Carapace & the Rabbit Hole's for Sports Hopper you really dont need much link when you have 2 +1 from console and sports works as scorched protection/draw.

3 Jul 2016 013

Thanks for the help! Sadly I don't have those packs yet, but those cards would definitely fit better into the deck.

3 Jul 2016 Pinkwarrior

@013 well for now id say use Data Folding as a poor replacement since your not using all your MU anyway it'll fit. It also strikes me you missing multi access cards id recommend The Turning Wheel for sunny as it's cheaper influence & combo's with Jak Sinclair. You have some neat ideas i like the way you can combo Dr. Lovegood with The Source & Globalsec Security Clearance been able to pick weather to use it on Source/Drug Dealer after looking at the top card.