Updated Comrades' Potato (Worlds 2017)

Boramere 21

Updated version of the Comrades Potato deck from Worlds. Swapped out Whampoa Reclamation for Daily Business Show. The other option is Distract the Masses, I went with DBS simply because I didn't have DtM.

2 May 2018 Burn_The_Peasants

How has Daily Business Show been treating you playing this?

Looks like something I would really enjoy playing.

2 May 2018 Boramere

@Burn_The_Peasants It worked ok. Not great, not awful. Lately I swapped it out for NGO Front instead, which is a fantastic card.

2 May 2018 Burn_The_Peasants

@Boramere Yeah NGO Front is awesome! I've been playing catch up just comming back so yet to get in to the latest cycle.

The one thing I have found with this sort of thing is that if you advance and pass, the runner gets a telegraphed confirmation that it's an agenda as there are 0 advancement traps. NGO Front is a solid bait card.

Can you describe what you're looking for in the mulligan a bit and what your goals are to not just flat out lose to things like indexing/maker's eye?

2 May 2018 Burn_The_Peasants

Also how you plan to score.

4 May 2018 Boramere

Mulligan is fairly standard, just looking for money and ice. Makers Eye & Deep Data Mining can be powerful, but risky. Things like Snare or Breached Dome will make sure that the runner generally won't want to pull an Obokata during it, unless it's on the last access. Future Perfect has a protection mechanism, so it just leaves House of Knives and Philotic as targets. HoK is only one point, and there is only a single Philotic in the deck. So just by nature it's fairly resilient to multiaccess. The other thing to note is that Shapers really don't like taking damage. They will generally want to install a majority of their hand, so having cards trashed is a pain. Indexing is a different beast, but it's completely ruined by a Miraju on R&D. You will want something at least a bit taxing on R&D as well, as a single Miraju will allow the runner to just hit R&D every click, and the shuffle will ensure a fresh card every time. There are a bunch of win conditions in the deck, and it depends on the match up as to what is best. Every bit of net damage you can throw at the runner is a tempo hit, even if it doesn't kill them. So against Sunny or big-rig Shapers, you can just go fast. Ice each of your servers, and start jamming agendas into your remote. If they contest, they'll lose valuable programs or resources to the bin, and most likely won't be able to keep doing it. As a backup, keep Neural EMP and/or Shipment from Tennin in your hand. If they drop down to too few cards in hard, you can kill them with EMP. If they're being more careful, Shipment will allow fast advance. Other popular scoring method is simply decking the runner, until they simply can't afford to steal the Obokata. Hokusai Grid, Kakugo, and House of Knives counters are the keys to that strategy. This is also where Ark Lockdown shines. If you ever see a Levy hit the bin, kill it immediately. Usually Haley or Maxx will run it, and if you snag it, you've pretty much won the game. Other good options are the bin breakers. NGO Front is also great here. The more you can drag them through your remote full of Kakugo's, Hokusai's and HoK tokens, the better. Scoring-wise, you pretty much want as many HoK's as you can get early on. After playing with it bit, you'll learn how bold you can be with just throwing them behind one or two pieces of ICE early on. You can get away with a lot in a deck where people are expecting Snares / Junebugs etc. You can do similar things with early Obos as well, as install & double advance behind a single ice looks like NGO Front. And even if they do steal it, four cards is a hefty price to pay early on. That's not including the ID ability, Hokusai, HoK, etc etc. Even two of those in play means you're burning six cards from hand, and three from the stack, just to steal it. Then they have to worry about a followup Neural. Early runs can be really dangerous.

4 May 2018 Boramere

Wow that turned into a wall of text. I should clean it up a bit and post it as the deck details I guess.