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lemon_moose 67

Hold the laughter.

Indian Union Stock Exchange is a ridiculously fantastic card. If you have 3 of them rezzed a subliminal messaging turns into a clickless Hedge Fund. Now think what they do to a Hedge Fund.

The deck was initially built as a fun challenge to build something plausible out of CB, but then it won a game. Then it won another game. Then I tried it against something competitive, and it won another game. It kept winning games. Trust me, I was just as shocked as you are now.

Sensie will win you games, so will the cheap gear check ice (that you often gain credits for rezzing), so will Ash and Biotic. The deck is by no means perfect, I was so shocked that it was playable that I haven't even given it a first pass edit yet.

Things it might need: A current? A tiny shift towards operation econ in favor of the commercial bankers? People to play it? - definitely.

18 Aug 2016 CactusJack

@lemon_mooseClever combo, mate!

18 Aug 2016 Cliquil

CB's time is now mayhaps. I have had some mild success with it too!

Glad you are still deckbuilding - your decks are great! :D This is no exception.

18 Aug 2016 PurinaBisonChow

How do you keep the runner out or punish them for getting in?
I understand that you hope to make a lot of money with the Indian Union Stock Exchanges but that takes set up to really make an impact. 12 out of 13 of your ICE appears to be an inexpensive and easily broken rush suite which conflicts with the main focus of your deck.

19 Aug 2016 lemon_moose

I keep the runner out with a mixture of speed, gear-check ice and Ash. The set up is surprisingly quick, considering there are 3 Sensie's, 2 Jacksons and 2 Tech Startups. The ice suite has kept a surprisingly large number of runners out by just not finding the required breakers quickly enough.

By the time the Indian Union Stock Exchange has really gotten going (usually 2 or 3 times in my turn, and for every Ice rezzed in the runners turn) then I've found an Ash or a Biotic for the game.

19 Aug 2016 Cliquil

Is there room for a Shipment from Mirrormorph to just go a 2 millions miles an hour, so you can install all you Sensie Draw?

Also I just realised that 3 x IUSE lets you make a profit on your Chimera rezzes.

19 Aug 2016 lemon_moose

I'd be a million times more tempted with SfM if it wasn't an HB card. I've never struggled with installing Sensie cards because I can either choose not to fire it, or, more likely, it's already been trashed.

I can usually get free Chimeras, which feels pretty good. The best match ups are the ones where the runner doesn't realise just how much money you can make from IUSE and so leaves them be.

19 Aug 2016 CommissarFeesh

Definitely wants a current, if only to counter Rumor Mill so your Ash 2X3ZB9CY doesn't get blanked for too long.

21 Aug 2016 lemon_moose

I came across this a couple of times, in both instances I ended up just playing a Biotic the next turn and Rumor Mill was a 1 turn annoyance. I've seen infinitely more copies of Employee Strike which I already counter anyway. But a current still seems like a smart plan in general: any suggestions? I want Cerebral Static, but sadly my ID says no.

23 Aug 2016 Runaway

Enhanced Login Protocol or Paywall Implementation (if you can find the influence) would be good for discouraging trashing your assets. And then there's always Targeted Marketing.