I, Bankhar (1st at the Accelerated Meta Test)

sebastiank 1166

A side project of mine since Parhelion came out has been playing Bankhar in weird IDs. Recently I thought I'd stumbled on something with Bankhar Loup, but in the past few days it started losing a lot of games- it needed the Imp-Friday Chip combo to set up before getting strong value from Bankhar, and that 3 card combo was too inconsistent. All my runners were testing badly. Whatever I played at the tournament, I just wanted to beat Sportsmetal... I didn't want to get 7-0'd on stream after, say, clicking for credits and installing an Adjusted Matrix on an Endless Hunger.

The night before, it dawned on me that Adam did everything Bankhar needed. It provides clickless draw, and it gives strong rewards for running, all from the start of the game. If the ice you encountered had more subroutines than you had cards in your hand, such as Endless Eula, you could use Logic Bomb to bypass it. In conjunction, Logic Bomb and Bankhar can get you through a wall of ice while spending no credits. I'm inexperienced with Adam, so I took inspiration from this list by Kikai, changing the breakers to the ones I can trash from hand, not playing the Boat to avoid getting disqualified, adding Bankhar and more rewards for running: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/23ad0d9d-244c-46f5-b99f-9fbc45dee185/peas-in-our-thyme-9th-15th-uk-nationals-2022- I played five games on jnet late in the night, won all them, and said it was good to go.

On the day, it went 4-1, winning against Rush Azmari, NEH, and PE asset spam twice, losing only to Motionblur's Keeling-no-Loki Aginfusion. I, notably, didn't face any sportsmetal, guess I scared them away lol. A cowardly way to avoid recompense for not installing any ice against my poor Endless Hunger.

Matchup-wise, I'm not sure you should actually bring this deck to a tournament. There is not an easy answer to Anansi, which means you can't install Bankhar against Jinteki and facecheck responsibly. Any kind of AgInfusion with Anansi is a nightmare. Glacier in general can be an issue. Against decks trying to proactively kill you, like PE assets, with great ways to punish you for running, you paradoxically need to be more aggressive than usual to steal agendas and increase your hand size via Brain Chip, which can be a tough balance to strike. The deck is fun as hell though, and was good enough to give me the dub.

Shoutouts to Ysengrin for putting on a great tournament, and my opponents for good games, especially DeeR for the final game! Thanks to Unband for being awesome, and extra thanks to the King for the practice, advice, and just a good time hanging out in preparation!

27 Mar 2023 somefish254

That is so cool that you were able to test with the King.

For the last match, you left the Keeling alone for a while before going in with an Overclock that I believe you had in hand for quite some time. Were you hoping to win before Keeling brought you to 0? Or were you looking for a window when DeeR could no longer rez the ice in front of Keeling

27 Mar 2023 sebastiank

I actually only got the overclock the turn before. Since I kept seeing Obos off find the truth, I was hoping to win before she killed me. The moon pool getting all the agendas out of hand changed those plans, so I kept the overclock and hoped that I could draw up to a hand of mostly odd cards so I could survive anemone and not get stopped by diviner. Thankfully I just drew into bomb, so I didn't have to leave it up to fate :D

27 Mar 2023 Shent

Love to see Adam getting more results, great write up? What directives are you running? Or, more to the point, are you ever Always Be Running?

27 Mar 2023 sebastiank

@Shent There maaay be an argument for choosing ABR instead of Safety First against asset PE because operating with a reduced hand size can be dangerous, probably more dangerous than running first click every turn, and ABR answers Diviner well. But safety first provides loads of value, way more than ABR, as long as you can avoid death.

4 Apr 2023 Diogene

I feel called out with Adjusted Matrix on Endless Hunger, lol!

I think that your way of transforming ing Safety First into a breaker is genius.

I feel that Adam: Compulsive Hacker should play 3x Mad Dash, but that is my preference.